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Best Pet Reptiles For Children - Reptiles Magazine


Personally, I love the fact that children are fascinated by reptiles and plead with their parents to keep them as pets. Luckily, reptiles can make great pets for them,  ...

How to Catch a Common House Lizard and Keep It As a Pet


Nov 4, 2015 ... Would you like to keep a house lizard as a pet? Lizards can make great pets because they are “low-maintenance.” They are quiet, not very ...

Choosing Your Reptile | PetSmart


The lively anole can be a great reptile for a beginner pet parent. They can live more than five years and grow up to 8 inches long. Anoles thrive in a tropical ...

Pet Lizards, Choosing a Lizard, Lizard Care for all Types of Lizards


Choosing a pet lizard, facts about different types of lizards, alist of the best beginner lizards with information on how to keep and handle lizards, lizard pet care, ...

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Dec 13, 2012 ... How to Care for a Lizard Found in the Yard : Exotic Pets ... They eat bugs and spiders and keep the bug killer guy from coming as often.
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Nov 21, 2011 ... Lizards can make great pets, but keeping a pet lizard is more work than just putting it in an enclosure. Here are some things to keep in mind ...

Information about reptiles for potential pet reptile owners ...


The cost of setting up a vivarium and everything that you need to house and keep a pet reptile is again very variable, with smaller set-ups available from under ...

Reptiles as Pets - Australian Museum


Oct 30, 2015 ... Licences. All native reptiles are protected. It is illegal to keep exotic (non- Australian) reptiles in captivity. They must be acquired by a licensed ...

Owning Your First Reptile - Reptile One


Hi! If you're reading this, chances are that you're thinking about or have an interest in keeping a reptile (or a few reptiles) of some description as a pet and want ...

Keeping Lizards and Snakes - Burke's Backyard


As wildlife authorities in some states relax their regulations on the keeping of certain ... While some owners of small lizards keep their pets in glass boxes or ...

How to Keep a Lizard for a Pet
Pick a lizard that's right for your home situation, expectations and experience level and provide proper food, housing, heat and lighting.... More »
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So, you think you want a reptile? - Anapsid.org


With most reptiles, we are attempting to keep an animal with very specific ... Unfortunately, just as there are no laws mandating that pet stores must know ...

Choosing a Pet Lizard and Basic Care - Exotic Pets - About.com


Jul 17, 2016 ... Feeding Lizards Insects - Your lizard may eat insects and keeping and raising crickets or mealworms at home can cut down on trips to the pet ...

It's Cruel To Keep Reptiles As Pets - The Dodo


Jul 20, 2015 ... So, everyone with an interest in making it sound like a humane and somewhat easy proposition to keep captive reptiles becomes an "expert," ...