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The Kent State shootings occurred at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, in the United States ... Some of the students who were shot had been protesting the Cambodian Campaign, which President Rich...

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This provoked massive protests on campuses throughout the country. At Kent State University in Ohio, protesters launched a demonstration that included setting ...

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May 4, 2015 ... Forty-five years ago today—on May 4, 1970—members of the Ohio National Guard fired on unarmed student protesters at Kent State, killing ...

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Kent, Ohio, May 4 -- Four students at Kent State University, two of them women, ... the green and over the crest of the hill, chasing the main body of protesters.

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May 4, 2013 ... On May 4, 1970, four Kent State University students were killed and nine ... opened fire during a demonstration protesting the Vietnam War.

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By the end of the day, four students are dead, nine are injured, the campus is closed and Kent becomes the historical icon of the antiwar protest movement.

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In the events leading up to the horrific May 4 shooting at Kent State University, ... Students were actively protesting for what they believed was right and never ...

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At Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, tensions were particularly high in ... Unlike Kent State, students had not rallied to protest the war in Vietnam.

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In May 1970, students protesting the bombing of Cambodia by United States military forces, clashed with Ohio National Guardsmen on the Kent State University ...

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In May 1970, students protesting the bombing of Cambodia by United States military forces, clashed with Ohio National Guardsmen on the Kent State University ...

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May 4, 2016 ... Four students were killed and nine wounded when National Guardsmen opened fire on Kent State students protesting the invasion of ...

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Definition of Kent State Protest – Our online dictionary has Kent State Protest information from Dictionary of American History dictionary. Encyclopedia.com: ...