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The killer whale is a top-level predator and has no natural enemies. However, diseased or injured killer whales may fall prey to other top-level predators of the sea....

Killer Whale
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea Family: Delphinidae Genus: Orcinus
Species: Orcinus orca
The Killer Whale is also known as the Blackfish, Grampus, Orca, and because large males have a tall dorsal fin, the Sword Fish. The scientific names Grampus orca and Orca gladiator have been applied until fairly recently... More »
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Killer whale


The killer whale (Orcinus orca), also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish or grampus, is a toothed whale belonging to the ...

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Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of the dolphins and one of the world's most powerful predators. They feast on marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, ...

In addition to chronicling Cold Spring Harbor's past as a whaling village, the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum also features exhibits on the natural history of whales, like this skull of an orca or killer whale. Orcas are among the largest whales and this specimen re... More »
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KILLER WHALES (Orcinus orca) - InfoBook...Discover animal, environmental, and zoological career facts as you explore in-depth topic coverage via SeaWorld,  ...

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Orcinus orca species guide. The orca or killer whale is the an apex predator of the sea and the largest member of the dolphin family. It is highly intelligent and ...

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Though killer whales, also called orcas, are considered whales by most people, they are actually members of the Delphinidae (dolphin) family. Killer whales are ...

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Status. ESA Endangered - Southern Resident killer whales (J, K, and L pods) ... Southern Resident Killer Whale: 10 Year Report (2004-2014). Resident killer ...

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The orca, or "killer whale" (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale and is the largest member of the dolphin family. It is highly social and composed of matrilineal family ...

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Q: How to Draw a Killer Whale
A: 1 Start by drawing ovals as a basis for the body. Add in guidelines for the facial features, fins and tail. Ad 2 Now let's sketch in the eyes and mouth. 3 Sketc... Read More »
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Q: Why is a killer whale endangered?
A: people kill them for their meat. it is illegal but people do it anyway! Read More »
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Q: What is a false killer whale?
A: a killer whale all black and smaller. Read More »
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Q: Why is the killer whales threatened?
A: They are not threatened. See IUCN Redlist for details. Read More »
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Q: What is the threats of a killer whale?
A: the threats to the killer whales are pollution in the oceans and also they are hunted for there meat, and hunted for other reasons. Read More »
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