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King Arthur's family


King Arthur's family grew throughout the centuries with King Arthur's legend. Several of the legendary members of this mythical king's family became leading ...

Genealogy: House of King Arthur - Timeless Myths


Below is four different family trees of King Arthur (not counting the Vortigern/ Hengist tree). I had placed the Vortigern/Hengist family tree with Geoffrey's version of ...

Arthurian Genealogy


Merlin arranged for King Arthur's birth through ... Family m. m. Gareth was Sir Lancelot's favorite of the four brothers. Lancelot himself knights Gareth, which.

King Arthur - Genealogy, familly


King Arthur Genealogy, the Arthurian family history.

What is the family tree of King Arthur Pendragon? | Reference.com


In all of the major literary sources, King Arthur Pendragon was fathered by Uther, or Uthr, has at least one sister and is married to Guinevere. He is a fictional ...

Igraine - King Arthur's Family Tree


Igraine of Tintagel was the beautiful wife of (eventually) two men. Her first husband, Gorlois, was the father of three of her four children : Morgana La Fay, ...

Lancelot - King Arthur's Family Tree


Lancelot was a great knight whom everyone knew., He was fearless in war, and everyone knew that if they were fighting him in battle, there was a slim chance ...

Is the British Royal Family Descended from King Arthur ...


Apr 11, 2011 ... Therefore, it is highly doubtful that King Arthur had any descendants who ... We all want to find kings and queens in our family trees, but what ...

Children of Arthur - Arthurian Genealogy


King Arthur's Children explores many of the historical claims and ... Several different Scottish manuscripts give the following family trees showing that King Arthur ...

King Arthur's Family Tree – Sarah Woodbury


King Arthur's family tree, as imagined by Geoffrey of Monmouth and others, is not a consistent lineage. For the purposes of Cold My Heart, I have taken what I ...

King Arthur
King Arthur is one of the great mythic figures of English literature. Dozens of legends and romantic images have grown up around him: the knights of the Round Table, Merlin the wizard, and the Holy Grail, to name a few. According to the main Athurian le... More>>
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