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Tutankhamun was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom or sometimes the New Empire Period. He has since his discovery been colloquiall...

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On this day in History, Archaeologist opens tomb of King Tut on Feb 16, 1923. Learn more about what happened today on History.

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Tutankhamun was only the age of nine when he became king of Egypt during the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom (c. 1332–1323 B.C.E.). His story would have ...

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Nov 29, 2016 ... King Tut is chiefly known for his intact tomb, discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in 1922. Since then, his remains have held millions in awe ...

In Egypt, Debate Rages Over Scans of King Tut's Tomb


May 9, 2016 ... Crouched by King Tut's stone sarcophagus, National Geographic technicians Eric Berkenpas and Alan Turchik prepare the radar unit to scan ...

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Entering King Tut's Tomb, 1923. Printer Friendly Version >>>. Egypt's Valley of the Kings is a desolate place. Located near the Nile River across from the ancient  ...

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Nov 4, 2016 ... On this day in 1922, the tomb of Tutankhamun, or King Tut as he is better known, was discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter.

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The tomb of Tutankhamun was one of the smaller tombs of the Valley of the Kings as Tutankhamun was a fairly minor king who had a very short reign. The tomb ...

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The burial chamber of King Tut is the grandest room within the entire tomb. This room was colored a vibrant yellow with paintings of Tutankhamun (King Tut) in ...