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Odd-eyed cat


An odd-eyed cat is a cat with one blue eye and one eye of either green, yellow, or brown. This is a feline form of complete heterochromia, a condition that occurs in some other animals. The conditio...

At What Age Do Kittens Eyes Change Color? - Pets


Some cats, like Siamese, naturally have blue eyes, but most other breeds have yellow, green or even orange eyes. You might hold out hope that your kitten will ...

Do Kittens' Eyes Change Color? - Petcha


If you've ever seen newborn kittens, you'll notice they all start out with their eyes sealed shut. This is a natural protection designed to prevent infection and eye ...

Guide for Determining Kitten Age - Petfinder


The age of kittens is very important, both for socializing the kittens and also to ... 2 weeks- Eyes open bright blue color, kittens will crawl a bit on their tummies, ...

Will My Kitten's Eyes Stay Blue? Common Kitten Questions ...


Feb 22, 2016 ... My Kitten's Eyes are Blue! Will They Stay Blue? As beautiful as blue is, most likely , your kitten's eyes will change color. All kittens are born with ...

Do Kittens' Eye Color Change? - Love Meow


Kittens usually are born with blue eyes. Their eye pigment starts to change at around 8 - 12 weeks of age. The change of eye color could indicate the age of a ...

Understanding Cat Eye Color Changes - Vetinfo.com


If you have had a pet cat from the time it was a young kitten, you may have noticed that the color of its eyes changes over time. Cat eye color is somewhat ...

4 Ways to Tell How Old a Kitten Is - wikiHow


Apr 26, 2015 ... Examine the kitten's eyes. A kitten's eyes will go through several developmental stages as the begin to open and then ultimately change color.

Hints for Determining a Cat's Color - The Cat Fanciers' Association


A cat can have an eye color other than that which is specified and still be the coat color defined in the Show Rules or on the color description sheet. Kittens are ...

Can Your Cat's Eyes Change Color? - Morris Animal Inn


Kittens. A majority of kittens are born with blue eyes. As their sight develops, a kitten's eyes will begin to change and take on a range of different colors, from ...

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What Age Do Cats' Eye Color Change? - Catster


Feb 2, 2016 ... Kittens are born with blue eyes; they change depending on melanin in the iris. Here's more about how, why, and when cat eye color changes.

When do kittens eyes change color? | Reference.com


Kittens' eyes change color permanently by three months of age. The eye color of most newborn kittens is a shade of blue. Once permanent, colors range from ...

Eye Colours - the messybeast


Kittens are born with blue eyes. The adult eye colour develops around 6-7 weeks old, but may not reach its adult hue until 3-4 months old. During a cats' lifetime, ...