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Dec 16, 2014 ... Comparison of split-dosing vs non-split (morning) dosing regimen for ... of split- dose vs morning administration of polyethylene glycol solution for colon ... A recent study by Matro et al[22] showing equal cleansing efficacy and ...


Analytic Biosurgical Solutions, Coloplast Corporation) (TERMINATED 05/28/ 2013: ..... et al) (TERMINATED 06/26/2017: Mentor Worldwide LLC, Coloplast Corp.) ...... 2:13-cv-04245, 03/05/2013, Mary V. Holzhauer, Coloplast A/S, Coloplast Corp. ...... Lynette Klauck, Frank Klauck, Analytic Biosurgical Solutions, Coloplast A/S, ...


The quantitative estimate of random analytical error is termed imprecision, this being defined as the ... We have reported (Álvarez et al., 2003) a study of components of biological variation of seminal ... Dispersion(%)=Z(CV2a+CV2BW )1/2.


(Silk & Rees 1998, Fabian 1999, King 2003, Murray et al. 2005). Costa, Sijacki and Haehnelt, ... Numerical and analytical wind solutions are in close agreement.


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other general processes, such as mood and attention, to insight solutions (Rowe, Hirsh, ... who report solving most anagrams analytically (Kounios et al., 2008). ..... The participants' task was to identify the type of coherent motion (radial vs.