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Mental Health Promotion and Prevention: The Economic Case - LSE


Martin Knapp Professor of Social Policy and Director, PSSRU, London School of ..... v Kessler D, Bennewith O, Lewis G, Sharp D (2002) Detection of depression ... ix Morrell CJ, Warner R, Slade P et al (2009) Psychological interventions for ...

The regulation of autoreactive B cells during innate immune responses


Kench JA, Russell DM, Nemazee D. Efficient peripheral clonal elimination of B ... Koenig-Marrony S, Soulas P, Julien S, Knapp A-M, Garaud J-C, Martin T, et al. Natural .... Kouskoff V, Famiglietti S, Lacaud G, Lang P, Rider JE, Kay BK, et al.

Global analysis of B cell selection using an immunoglobulin light ...


Mar 8, 2012 ... 1Section of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine; 2Gwen Knapp Center for ... Sites and mechanisms of B cell selection | Andrews et al. .... V 4-expressing B cells are first counter-selected in the BM ...... Kench et al., 1998).

Latin lesson: etc. vs. et al. | Grammarly Blog


Etc. is short for 'et cetera,' which translates in Latin to 'and the rest' or 'and left over .' Use etc. when you're writing a list of things: I am going to bring pumpkin pie, ...

Selection of Anti-Double-Stranded DNA B Cells in Autoimmune MRL ...


May 1, 2006 ... <sup>†</sup>Gwen Knapp Center for Lupus and Immunology Research, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637 ... They are referred to as VH3H9 (the VH of a prototypic anti-DNA Ab originally isolated .... In contrast to our findings, Mandik- Nayak et al. ..... Rubio, C. F., J. Kench, D. M. Russell, R. Yawger, D. Nemazee.

British Journal of Cancer - Collagen and calcium-binding EGF ...


Nov 24, 2009 ... NOSE DNA was bisulphite converted as described (Clark et al, 2006). ..... Schoenfeld J, Seshagiri S, Simmons L, Singh J, Smith V, Stinson J, Vagts A, ... Heinzelmann M, Kalish LH, Bali A, Kench JG, Edwards LS, Vanden Bergh .... Knapp RC, Berkowitz RS (1995) Characterization of human ovarian surface ...

Sediment transport trends from a tropical Pacific lagoon as indicated ...


Mar 29, 2014 ... Kench, 1998). Rather, 'tracers' ... sediment transport (MacKenzie et al., 1965; Machado and Moraes,. 2002). ... and exposed reef surfaces (Elliott et al., 1996; Gischler and Ginsburg,. 1996). ...... Diamond, H.J., Lorrey, A.M., Knapp, K.R., Levinson, D.H., 2011. ... Horton, B.P., Rossi, V., Hawkes, A.D., 2009.

S100A2 (S100 calcium binding protein A2)


Written, 2011-11, Christopher J Scarlett, Andrew V Biankin .... Both proteins share over 60% amino acid sequence identity (Glenney et al., 1989). .... Heighway J, Knapp T, Boyce L, Brennand S, Field JK, Betticher DC, Ratschiller D, .... Biankin AV, Kench JG, Colvin EK, Segara D, Scarlett CJ, Nguyen NQ, Chang DK, Morey ...

Claudin-containing exosomes in the peripheral circulation of women ...


Li et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2009 ..... a lower sensitivity than CA125 (51 % vs 71% at a specificity of 98%) and there was significant .... View Article PubMed; Skates S, Troiano R, Knapp RC: Longitudinal CA125 detection of ... Davies MJ, Heinzelmann M, Kalish LH, Bali A, Kench JG, et al: Overexpression of the cell ...

Gene Therapy - S100A2 promoter-driven conditionally replicative ...


Oct 27, 2011 ... ... 2% (w/v) SDS, 0.1% bromophenol blue and 10% (w/v) glycerol). .... Article |; Biankin AV, Kench JG, Colvin EK, Segara D, Scarlett CJ, Nguyen NQ et al. .... Knapp T, Boyce L, Brennand S, Field JK, Betticher DC et al.

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A Structural Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans from Lethal and ... - NCBI


... use of modified GAGs and PGs to disrupt angiogenesis and growth (Yip et al., .... For HS disaccharides analysis, eluent A was water/acetonitrile (85:15) v/v, ..... M.W. Golshani R. Merseburger A.S. Knapp J. Garcia A. Hennenlotter J., et al. ... [ PubMed]; Sakko A.J. Butler M.S. Byers S. Reinboth B.J. Stahl J. Kench J.G., et al.

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Feb 18, 2013 ... Uemura T, Nikkel LE, Hollenbeak CS, Ramprasad V, Schae- fer E, Kadry Z. How can ... 30. de Graaf EL, Kench J, Dilworth P, et al. Grade of deceased ... Biesterfeld S, Knapp J, Bittinger F, Götte H, Schramm M,. Otto G. Frozen ...

Knapp et al


E v. (c) they indicate comparisons within growth forms. averaged 53% higher in .... sumption of grasses by bison (Fahn— estock and Knapp 1993, Hartnett et al.