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In slang, a Mickey Finn — or simply a Mickey — is a drink laced with a psychoactive drug or ... The first listed reference as a knock-out drop in the OED, " Wish I had a drink and a ...

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Following text contains fine instructions to produce and formulate Cloral Hydrate commonly known as Knock Out Drops without much difficulty.

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The Mickey Finn or "knockout drops" ended up being a mixture of chloral hydrate and alcohol, which are both depressants. Chloral hydrate is a sedative and ...

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I read somewhere about chloral hydrate, "knockout drops"--the stuff people drop in other people's drinks, haha. Of course this would require ...

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Mar 28, 2015 ... Well, seriously just use choloroform which can be bought from the market. ... How can I make sleeping gas? Is there such thing as a harmless knockout gas which has either a short or long (take your pick) knockout period?

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Has anyone heard that putting a drop of Visine eye drops into an alcoholic ... take a couple of drops of visine..the thing is though that while you're doing

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Mar 28, 2007 ... A delicious recipe for Knockout Shot, with grain alcohol, Malibu® coconut rum and ... Also lists similar drink recipes. ... Flaming Lemon Drop

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Jan 18, 1991 ... How about some background and a recipe? ... Most people think a Mickey is a dose of knockout drops, usually administered to some hapless ...

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Mar 27, 2011 ... This what happens when u drink my Knockout Juice. flem23 ... Up next. Don't drink another drop of water until you see this!! - Duration: 6:54.

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Oct 16, 2013 ... That drug that Showtime's serial killer, Dexter, uses to knock out his victims — it's real. ... Cardamom-spiced butternut squash gratin [Recipe] .... One drop of the stuff on a person's skin can cause death within minutes.