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Sleeping gas is an oneirogenic general anaesthetic that is used to put subjects into a state in which they are not conscious of what is happening around them. Incapacitating agent is a related gener...

Drugged Drinking: Household Items Are Being Used In Drinks ...


Nov 3, 2014 ... Sexual assault can begin when a drug is slipped into a drink. It's just that fast.

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Following text contains fine instructions to produce and formulate Cloral Hydrate commonly known as Knock Out Drops without much difficulty.

Visine and alcohol-rape drug? - Google Groups


Aug 4, 1999 ... the Visine/date-rape-drug conflation, don't you think? Lee "pliable and ... eye drops used as a knock-out drop in a drink are not the common. Visine, but ...... visine, but the "visine' in the recipe is Romanian for sour cheeries.

Is there a convenient drug a layman can use to knock somebody out ...


I was thinking morphine, but don't know if that's a practical knockout drug in the first place. Also good to know, of course, is how easy it would be ...

Eye drops, with a Side of Date Rape | Academy of Art University ...


Nov 27, 2013 ... Most date rape drugs are tasteless, texture-less, odorless and colorless, ... 3 Healthy One-Bowl Meal Recipes ... on a double dose of Rohypnol, commonly known as the date rape drug, instead of two-for-one margaritas.

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Butter Believer offers a sleep powder recipe of 5 tablespoons organic cane sugar , ... Knockout Drug Recipes · Sleeping Potion Ingredients · Make Sleeping Gas ...

5 real, but dramatically misrepresented, drugs from TV & film ...


Oct 16, 2013 ... That drug that Showtime's serial killer, Dexter, uses to knock out his victims — it's real. ... Cardamom-spiced butternut squash gratin [Recipe].

10 Crazy Drugs You Don't Know (And Don't Want To) - Listverse


Jan 10, 2013 ... At school you're taught that drugs can do some scary things. ... animals, and 1/ 100th of a gram can knock out a 3000 kg (6614 lbs) elephant.

10 Insane Modern Drug Crazes - Listverse


Jul 29, 2013 ... Look around you, people---even the drug users are odd nowadays! ... hospital after a few hours, but there is a plethora of deaths related to abuse of this potent knockout drug. ... Thailand took the recipe and renamed it “yaba.

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Melatonin and other new knockout drugs [Archive] - The Explosives ...


Dec 27, 2001 ... Been kicking around the idea of melatonin being useful in the criminal capacity, much as chloral hydrate and rohypnol have in the past.

23:00 Chemicals that double up as date-rape drugs are to be outlawed


Aug 7, 2008 ... Two freely-available chemicals which can be used as date rape drugs are to be banned. The substances are widely sold as cleaning fluids and ...

Best chemical agent to knock someone out? - Absolute Write


Apr 8, 2011 ... ... that chloroform is no longer readily available in drug stores, or even ... I read somewhere about chloral hydrate, "knockout drops"--the stuff ...