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Transformational Sales - Making a Difference with Strategic | Philip ...


Authors: Kotler, Philip, Dingena, Marian, Pfoertsch, Waldemar ... Kotler/Dingena/ Pfoertsch's “Transformational Sales” provides hands-on insights and tools needed for companies who truly want to ... Kotler, Philip (et al.) ... Morabito, V. ( 2015).

Marketing 3.0: From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit ...


Editorial Reviews. Review. he [Kotler] sees that a new era of marketing is evolving. Customers .... Marketing 3.0 is by Philip Kotler et al,although it feels nothing like his great classic works and I'm wondering if it was written by 'et al' rather than ...

The hungry fetus? Role of leptin as a nutritional signal before birth


Feb 2, 2009 ... 1999; Lea et al. 2000), although ..... [PubMed]; Magarinos MP, Sanchez-Margalet V, Kotler M, Calvo JC, Varone CL. Leptin promotes cell ...

PSA Bibliography - Cause Related Marketing - PSA Research Center


Kotler, Philip and Armstrong, Principles of Social Marketing. Kotler, Philip and Eduardo ... Entertainment-Education : A Communication Strategy for Social Change (Lea's Communication Series). Lawrence Erlbaum ... Societal Marketing Companies vs Non-societal Marketing Companies. ... Frederiksen, Lee, W. et al. ( 1984).

Estimating the Effects of September 11th and Other ... - NYU Steinhardt

steinhardt.nyu.edu/scmsAdmin/uploads/001/748/1 Estimating the effects of September 11th - Aber et al 2004.pdf

Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Angelica Ware, and Jennifer A. Kotler. Columbia ... lea et al ., 2002; Schlenger et al., 2002; Silver, Holman,. Mclntosh ... city (9% vs. 13% ...

Envelope Glycoprotein of Avian Hemangioma Retrovirus Induces a ...


AMOS PANET,4 MORRIS A. BLAJCHMAN,5 AND MOSHE KOTLER'* .... (105) plated on 24-well plates, as described by Friedman et al. (12). 0. _o 0. Forty-eight  ...

Full Text - International Journal of Business and Social Science


Work conducted by (Farris et al.,2010).depicts that the purchase decisions made by ..... According to (Kotler et al.,1999).there are five phases of consumers ..... Jiang, P (2004) “the role of brand name in customization decision: a search vs. experience perspective” Journal of ... Pitta, Dennis A. & Lea PrevelKatsanis. ( 1995) ...

Tricuspid regurgitation - Journal of the American College of Cardiology


may be found in the excellent review by Silver et al. (7). Diagnosis and ... gurgitation by measuring the amplitude of V waves on the inferior vena cava ...

Two-Dimensional echocardiographic determination of left atrial ...


All 18 patients with moderately severe (Group IV) and severe (Group V) mitral regurgitation had a left ... Gehl LG, Mintz GS, Kotler MN, Segal BL; Left atrial volume overload in mitral regurgitation. ... Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography 1980 Lea & Febiger Philadelphia:310-315. ..... Ren J, Kotler MN, Depace NL, et al.

Full Text - Journal of Organic Systems


2002; Storstad and Bjørkhaug, 2003; Lea and Worsley, 2005) with the majority of research ... willingness to spend more on organic food (Jolly et al., 1989; Goldman and Clancy, 1991). ..... behaviour, such as the decision process model of buyer behaviour (Kotler et al., 2012). .... Henryks, J., Cooksey, R., & Wright, V. 2014.

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The Quintessence of Strategic Management - What You Really ...


Authors: Kotler, Philip, Berger, Roland, Bickhoff, Nils. Written by leading experts in strategic ... Kotler, Philip (et al.) Pages 1-3. Preview Buy Chapter $29.95.

Sensory description labels for food affect consumer product choice


allows the consumer to relate to them (Wansink et al., 2000). Exploitation of the sensory ... (Kotler et al., 2008), most of them with some type of external information provided by ..... INGRID MARIE vs JONAGOLD log (p2/p1): ..... Carneiro, J.D.S., Minim, V.P.V., Deliza, R., Silva, C.H.O., Carneiro, J.C.S. and Lea ˜o, F.P. (2005),.

Purchase Decisions of Greek Consumers: An Empirical Study


Apr 19, 2014 ... Moreover, the purchases of 458 Iason Papafotikas et al. ... Dibb et al., 1991; Kotler et al., 2008; Kotler, 2000; Quester et al., 2007; Solomon et al., ... The choice of a consumer is further affected by psychological factors (Lea et al., 1995; Nicholson et al., 2002), such as ..... Mittal, V., Kamakura, W.A., 2001.