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icafly quite homogeneous (Nakazawa et al., 1976). X-ray studies ... 96 of phasea. NonograE lr conposltlon-. WohFs .(i). B(") v(i,) i0j62r,. 50. 45ttt. 10 ..... ite) phase. Prewitt et al. (1971) .... Christie, J. M , J. S Lally, A. H. Heuer, R. M. Fischer, D T.

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Jun 10, 2013 ... ... as part of a collaborative genetic linkage study of BD (Kelsoe et al., 2001). ... ( LOD) scores were computed using MERLIN v.1.1.2 (Abecasis et al., 2002). ..... [ PubMed]; Akiskal HS, Downs J, Jordan P, Watson S, Daugherty D, Pruitt DB. ..... Kishikawa S, Higgins AW, Seong IS, Donovan DJ, Shen Y, Lally E, ...

Apollo 12 clinopyroxenes: High temperature X-ray diffraction studies


(1969), and by PREWITT et a! ... A preliminary investigation of lunar pigeonites from rock 12021 (PREWITT et al., 1970b) confirmed the presence of a P ~ C change in .... Variation of “transition” temperature (°C) vs. composition for six Apollo 12 .... CHRISTIE J. M., FISHER R. M., GRIGGS D. T., HEUER A. H., LALLY J. S., and ...

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s. 24. Arnold, Dotson et al. v s----------. 439 California etate al. v. 24. Asher v. Holmes ... Barker v. Carberry. -. -. 535 Carlson v. Kries (on review) -. 186. Barnes et al. Hoffman v . ...... 473 Lalley, Robert et al.; 10 Ct. O., 55 ...... 299 .... 404 Pruitt v .

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Jun 8, 2001 ... Muller, 1991a; Muller et al., 1995; Weinbruch and Muller,. 1995). In these ... clinopyroxene, cooling rates were obtained (Kitamura et al.,. 1983 ...

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Belleque and Randell et al (A133951); Frias-Villalobos, Jose Francisco v. Hall ( A134893) ... Ball et al and Ball Parc Properties et al (A133300); Howard, James Andrew v. Hill (A137595) .... Pruitt; 224 Or App 288 A130231 State v. Odnorozhenko ...... Corsiglia et al and City of St. Helens et al (A135649); Lalley v. Daughs, dba ...

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Oct 6, 2010 ... AAA, P-type and Vacuolar-type H+-ATPase (V-ATPase) families, see .... Huisman ,T., Kit,S., Klinger,H.P., Kozak,C., Lalley,P.A. et al. (1979) International system ... Maglott,D., Ostell,J., Pruitt,K.D. and Tatusova,T. (2007) Entrez.

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et al.,'1972; Copley et al., 1974) pyroxenes that are related to ... history ( Champness and Lorimer,1976;Lally et al., r97s). ..... lamellae wavelength ()to) vs. undercooling for iso- ..... Papike, J. J.,-Bence, A. E., Brown, G. 8., Prewitt' C. T'' and.

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not the operational mechanism (Ardell et al., 1966; Sew- ard et al., 1968). .... across the pyroxene quadrilateral at EniFs : 2.0 (Lally et al., 1975) and En/Fs .... Incoherent vs. coherent equilibrium. The discussion ... In C. T. Prewitt, Ed., Pyroxenes,.

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Etc. is short for 'et cetera,' which translates in Latin to 'and the rest' or 'and left over .' Use etc. when you're writing a list of things: I am going to bring pumpkin pie, ...

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yielded the amphibole tirodite (Brown et al.,1979) as well as ..... (2.30 vs. 2.2564 for synthetic kanoite) is entirely rea- sonable when the presence of Ca in M2 is ...

Barriers to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among US Adolescents


Preference for vaccinating older vs younger adolescents. Preference for vaccinating girls vs boys ..... [PubMed]. 2. Dunne EF, Sternberg M, Markowitz LE, et al. Human ..... Tiro JA, Pruitt SL, Bruce CM, et al. ... Henderson CE, Rich JD, Lally MA.

Clinopyroxenes from Apollo 12 and 14: Exsolution, domain structure ...


(1971) and Boyd et al. (1971). From melting experiments on this rock, Green et al. .... 4), whereas exsolution in plagioclase in this rock has been observed by Lally et at. .... for magnesian pigeonite to 200°C for ferropigeonite (Fs85Wo15) (Prewitt et al., .... V., ~ Y APOLLO 12053 a APOLLO 12038 APOLLo 12021 b C APOLLO ...