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Preclinical mouse models of osteosarcoma


May 6, 2015 ... NOTE: One example of transplantation is described by Lamoureux et al. .... [ PubMed]; Tao J, Jiang MM, Jiang L, Salvo JS, Zeng HC, Dawson B et al. ... Lamoureux F, Richard P, Wittrant Y, Battaglia S, Pilet P, Trichet V et al.

Analysis of circulating tumor DNA to monitor metastatic breast cancer.


Mar 13, 2013 ... Dawson SJ(1), Tsui DW, Murtaza M, Biggs H, Rueda OM, Chin SF, Dunning MJ, Gale D, Forshew T, Mahler-Araujo B, Rajan S, Humphray S, ...

From bones to blood pressure, developing novel biologic ...


Jul 1, 2016 ... Sarah Dawson,; Allan Lawrie<sup>,</sup> ... Within the same year, Simonet et al. identified OPG as an important regulator .... cancer cells (Cross et al., 2006), a process that occurs in an αvβ3 integrin ..... Baud'huin et al., 2013; M. Baud'huin, L. Duplomb, S . Teletchea, F. Lamoureux, C. Ruiz-Velasco, M. Maillasson, et al...

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Nov 20, 2014 ... mone binding pocket of the receptor (Clegg et al., 2012; Tran et al. ... Dawson, 2009). ... tives that specifically bind to the AR BF3 site (Munuganti et al., ...... 142 for compound 23 and m/z 292 > 97 for d3T (25 V/20 V, 25 V/20 V, .... Kuruma, H., Matsumoto, H., Shiota, M., Bishop, J., Lamoureux, F., Thomas,.

PLOS ONE: PARP-1 Inhibition Is Neuroprotective in the R6/2 Mouse ...


Aug 7, 2015 ... Yu SW, Andrabi SA, Wang H, Kim NS, Poirier GG, Dawson TM, et al. .... Chakraborty S, Senyuk V, Sitailo S, Chi Y, Nucifora G. Interaction of EVI1 ... Chen Q, Lamoreaux WJ, Figueredo-Cardenas G, Jiao Y, Coffman JA, et al.

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Barry R Greene, Denise McGrath, Lorcan Walsh et al. ... Cameron J van den Heuvel, Sally A Ferguson, Drew Dawson et al. ..... [11] Salvador R, Ramirez F, V' yacheslavovna M and Miranda P C 2012 Effects of tissue dielectric ... [14] Despres C, Lamoureux D and Beuter A 2000 Standardization of a neuromotor test battery: ...

Selective Antimicrotubule Activity of N1-Phenyl-3,5-dinitro-N4,N4-di ...


Dec 1, 2003 ... Leishmanial tubulin was purified by the method of Werbovetz et al. ... Cultures contained 1% (v/v) DMSO in the presence or absence of test compounds. ..... Dawson P, Gutteridge W, and Gull K (1984) A comparison of the interaction of ... Havens C, Bryant N, Asher L, Lamoreaux L, Perfetto S, Brendle J and ...

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Editor-in-Chief: K. Lajtha; (et al.) 3.407 Impact Factor 2015. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. Executive Editors: T.L. Grove (et al.) ... Main Editors: C. Dawson (et al.) .... Editor-in-Chief: V. Wesztergom ... Editor-in-Chief: J.W. LaMoreaux.

Vision-Related Quality of Life Outcomes in the BEVORDEX Study: A ...


Lamoureux EL, Pallant JF, Pesudovs K, et al. ... Norquist JM, Fitzpatrick R, Dawson J, Jenkinson C. Comparing alternative Rasch-based methods vs raw scores ...

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C. Blocker,3 A. Bodek,25 W. Bokhari,15 V. Bolognesi,23 D. Bortoletto,24 C. Boswell, ... J. I. Lamoureux,3 T. LeCompte,10 S. Leone,23 J. D. Lewis,7 P. Limon, 7 M. ..... [9] P. Dawson et al., Nucl. ... [12] CLEO Collaboration, M.S. Alam et al., Phys.

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Randomized, controlled trial of an intervention for toddlers with - NCBI


Nov 30, 2009 ... Dawson G(1), Rogers S, Munson J, Smith M, Winter J, Greenson J, Donaldson A, Varley J. Author information: (1)Autism Speaks, Department of ...

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zoff, Osterling, & Brown, 1998; Dawson et al., 2002). The basic nature of these impairments suggests that autism is related to dysfunction of brain regions special ...

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May 22, 1996 ... Allan H. Friedman, and $Deborah V. Dawson. Divisions of *Neurology, ? ..... et al. was exploratory, combined preoperative and postoperative ...