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Land degradation


Land degradation is a process in which the value of the biophysical environment is affected by a combination of human-induced processes acting upon the land.

Natural Resources and Environment: Land Degradation Assessment


Land degradation: is the reduction in the capacity of the land to provide ecosystem goods and services and assure its functions over a period of time for the ...

Land Degradation - UNEP


Land degradation leads to a significant reduction of the productive capacity of land. Human activities contributing to land degradation include unsustainable ...

Land Degradation: An overview | NRCS Soils


Land degradation will remain an important global issue for the 21st century because of its adverse impact on agronomic productivity, the environment, and its  ...

Soil Erosion and Degradation | Threats | WWF


And degraded lands are also often less able to hold onto water, which can worsen ... soil degradation and erosion and the loss of valuable land to desertification.

I. What is land degradation and how much agricultural land is ...


Land degradation caused by agriculture takes many forms and has many causes. Some of the most important types of land degradation (and those that we will ...

Land Degradation & Development - Wiley Online Library


Long-term Effects of Pine Plantations on Soil Quality in Southern Spain. Francisco J. Martín-Peinado, Francisco Bruno Navarro, Maria Noelia Jiménez, Manuel ...

land degradation neutrality - UNCCD


The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) was established in efforts to halt land degradation in 1994. Despite the twenty-year-.

Zero Net LaNd degradatioN - UNCCD

www.unccd.int/Lists/SiteDocumentLibrary/Rio 20/UNCCD_PolicyBrief_ZeroNetLandDegradation.pdf

Zero Net LaNd degradatioN. A Sustainable Development Goal for Rio+20. To secure the contribution of our planet's land and soil to sustainable development,  ...

Land Degradation: Meaning, Causes and Prevention of Land ...


Read this article to learn about the meaning, factors responsible, prevention and control measures of land degradation: The change in the characteristic and ...

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Land Degradation | Global Environment Facility


Main issues Land degradation refers to any form of deterioration of the land that affects the integrity of the ecosystem. It encompass both a reduction of its ...

WHO | Land degradation and desertification


Land degradation has accelerated during the 20th century due to increasing and combined pressures of agricultural and livestock production (over-cultivation, ...

Land Degradation


Land degradation is defined as the long-term loss of ecosystem function and ... The CCD defines desertification as land degradation in arid, semi-arid, and dry ...