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Since the inception of the discipline of linguistics, ... of field work in the language concerned, so as to equip the linguist ...

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Language is common to all humans; we seem to be “hard-wired” for it. Many social scientists and philosophers say it's this ability to use language symbolically  ...

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Language and Linguistics is no longer published by SAGE. This site hosts content ... show Slide 1 1. Cover image for latest issue of Language and Linguistics.

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Many people think that a linguist is someone who speaks many languages and works as a language teacher or as an interpreter at the United Nations. In fact ...

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Each human language is a complex of knowledge and abilities enabling speakers of the language to communicate with each other, to express ideas, ...

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The minor in linguistics is designed for students who are fascinated by language. Linguistics investigates language as a self-contained system (sounds, words, ...

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Welcome to the language and linguistics journals area of Elsevier. Elsevier is a leading publisher in the field of language and linguistics, publishing highly ...

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We work closely with students pursuing the study of language and linguistics. Georgetown's long tradition of fostering international understanding and study of  ...

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English Language and Linguistics, published three times a year, is an international journal which focuses on the description of the English language within the ...

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But while many linguists do speak multiple languages—or at least know a fair bit about multiple languages—the study of linguistics means much more than this.