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Unicellular organism


... 1 to 4 centimetres (0.39 to 1.57 in) is among the largest unicellular species. A unicellular organism, also known as a single-celled organism, is an organism that consists of ...

Structure of world's largest single cell is reflected at the molecular ...


Jan 29, 2015 ... Biologists used the world's largest single-celled organism, an aquatic alga called Caulerpa taxifolia, to study the nature of structure and form in ...

Giant "Amoebas" Found in Deepest Place on Earth


Oct 26, 2011 ... For the first time, huge single-celled creatures have been spotted in the ... long— among the largest single-celled organisms known to exist.

Zoologger: 'Living beach ball' is giant single cell | New Scientist


Feb 3, 2010 ... A single-celled giant of the seabed, the monstrous Syringammina forms a massive, ... very fragile sand beach ball, but Brady didn't see the organism underwater. ... are by far the largest structures created by any single cell.

Giant single celled organisms lurk on ocean's deepst point


Oct 24, 2011 ... Giant single celled organisms lurk on ocean's deepst point ... and amazing, but also the creatures living at the biggest depth found so far.

What are the largest living, single-celled organisms in the world?


Dec 23, 2007 ... What are the largest living singlecelled organisms in the world - trivia question / questions answer / answers.

sciencecenter: Largest single-celled organisms... - It's Okay To Be ...


sciencecenter: “ Largest single-celled organisms found 6 miles under the sea “ Researchers have found new examples of the strange singled-celled creatures ...

Caulerpa, The World's Largest Single-celled Organism?


What is the largest single cell organism in the world? - Quora


Evidently it is Caulerpa taxifolia which can grow to around six inches in diameter. Other algae also grow quite large as well. Unicellular organism Structure...

What's the largest unicellular organism? - Quora


Slime molds are probably the largest single celled organism. It is a type of fungus that can grow pretty big (on things like rotting tree trunks). The single celled ...

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Largest Single-Celled Organism Found 6 Miles Beneath Sea ...


Oct 24, 2011 ... At more than four inches in length, they are perhaps the largest single-celled organism on Earth. These protists make a living by sifting through ...

What is the largest single cell? | Reference.com


Before fertilization, the entire interior of the egg consists of a single cell, which can weigh up to 5 pounds. The largest single-celled organism is an animal called  ...

Huge Single-Celled Organisms Found Six Miles Under Water | The ...


Oct 25, 2011 ... Huge Single-Celled Organisms Spotted at Record Breaking Six Miles ... settling into their role as the world's largest single-celled organism.