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Start School Later movement


The Start School Later movement refers to a series of efforts by health care professionals, sleep ... Advocates of a return to later school start times argue that sleep and school hours should be vi...

Backgrounder: Later School Start Times - National Sleep Foundation


Home / Sleep News / Backgrounder: Later School Start Times ... teens average fewer than 7 hours per school night by the end of high school, and most report ...

Success Stories - Start School Later


If you think it's too hard to return schools to healthier hours, here's a sampling of ... a chance for healthier sleep than the typical American middle or high school.

It's About Time (and Sleep): Making the Case for Starting School Later


Most high schools operate on the worst possible schedule for teenagers. Administrators who have heeded the research and pushed back their starting times ...

Changing Times: Findings From the First Longitudinal Study of Later ...


large, urban school district that altered high school start times significantly from 7: 15 ... If changing the high school start time to a later hour appears to result in.

When Sleep and School Don't Mix | TIME


Evidence is mounting that teenagers should start school a little later. ... to push for high schools to delay their start times so that students get more shuteye.

Do Schools Begin Too Early? - Education Next : Education Next


Proponents of later start times, who have received considerable media attention ... (D-CA) recommended that secondary schools nationwide start at 9:00 or later.

School starting later for some high school students | Smithsonian ...


Jan 5, 2016 ... It will be for all of its high schools and most of its middle schools. Seattle joins 70 districts across the nation adopting later start times.

Study Finds Late School Start Improves Teen Behavior -- THE Journal


Feb 5, 2016 ... ... be positive outcomes if high schoolers were able to start school later in ... The researchers found that the later start time improved "daytime behaviors. ... Thacher and Onyper acknowledged that changing school times can ...

Examining the Impact of Later High School Start Times on the Health ...


The results from this three-year research study, conducted with over 9,000 students in eight public high schools in three states, reveal that high schools that start ...

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Students see benefits from later school start times - The Boston Globe


Mar 9, 2016 ... A growing number of high schools across Massachusetts are exploring later start times, amid research showing that a lack of sleep can have ...

Saved by the bell: Later start times helping high school students ...


Mar 24, 2016 ... High schools implementing later start times are already seeing benefits from the change.

Later School Start Times Promote Adolescent Well-Being - American ...


Moving high school start times can improve student performance and general well-being. Delaying ... later high school start times include: 4, 6,9-14, 16, 19-21.