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Six fraternities are affiliated with the North-American Interfraternity Conference.


Phi Iota Alpha (ΦΙΑ), established December 26, 1931, is the oldest Latino Fraternity in ... A group of Latin American students organized the Union Hispano Americana (UHA) ... After some communication, these two organizations realized the existence of a non-Greek letter secret society, the Union Hispano Americana ( UHA).


White Latin Americans or European Latin Americans are Latin Americans who are considered ..... In the 20th century, white Americans, Canadians, Greeks, Romanians, Portuguese, Armenians, Poles, Russians, and Jews, along with many ...


The immediate postwar challenge to U.S. sentiment was Latin America's struggle for independence from Spain. Determined to sever Europe's ties to the New ...


Greek Argentines are Argentine citizens of Greek descent or Greek-born people who reside in ... similarities between Romanian and Spanish, as well as Latin identity of Aromanians and Megleno-Romanians. ... for immigration in the United States, making South America and Argentina in particular the new Eldorado.


Apr 15, 2015 ... Thousands of Orthodox Christians attended Holy Week services in Greek Orthodox churches in Central and South America this year -- but most ...


Apr 20, 2017 ... Enjoy unique and engaging programs at the Getty! From thought-provoking talks to theatrical performances, interactive courses to free film ...


Jun 2, 2011 ... The debt crisis of the early 1980s in Latin America proved to be a lethal threat ... Europe can learn as well as dealing with Greece's financing gap.


Jul 31, 2013 ... Paulo Nogueira Batista, who represents 11 Central and South American countries on the IMF board, said Greece's political and economic ...


Apr 20, 2011 ... The debate about Greece now has a Latin American dimension. Those who favour deferral point to Uruguay. In 2003 the small Latin American ...