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Q.E.D. is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, meaning " which is what ... when the original proposition has been exactly restated as the conclusion of the demonstration. T...

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Sic 'Sic' means simply 'thus.' If you really want 'Thus it stands,' that's 'Sic stat.' .

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An abbreviation of the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum". It literally translates as "which was to be demonstrated", and is a formal way of ending a ...

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This appendix lists direct English translations of Latin phrases. ... pace tua, "with your peace", Thus, "with your permission". ..... It is a common misconception that the "Re:" in e-mail replies stands for reply, response, or regarding, or is simply the  ...

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The abbreviation cf. stands for the Latin word confer which means “compare. ... The word sic means “thus” or “so” and is used in quotations to indicate that any ...

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It's Latin for "thus". Editors ... The idea of using Latin 'sic' to replace 'thus' is quite funny, considering that 'thus' is also a Latin word. ... Stand for Spelling InCorrect.

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From Latin sīc (“thus, so”). Adverb[edit]. sic (not comparable). Thus; thus written ; used to indicate, for example, that text is being quoted as it is from the source.

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In 1636, David Wedderburn, a Latin master in Aberdeen, used the word 'Baculus', which is Latin for 'club' as the title for his 'Vocabula', listing Latin terms for golf, ...

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Jul 1, 2016 ... Venezuela thus stands as a case of the citizenry actively and independently asserting its political agency despite clear attempts to redirect its ...

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Oct 7, 2007 ... Sic is a Latin term meaning “thus. .... indicate a surprising or paradoxical word, phrase, or fact that is not a mistake and is to be read as it stands.

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p.s. stand for “post scriptum” meaning a last note after the main text; .... [sic] is an abbreviation for 'sic erat scriptum' which is Latin for 'thus it had been written', ...

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Glossary of Latin terms used in English, legal, business, grammar and other interesting ... rebus sic stantibus, things thus standing, as things/matters stand, in the ...

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This particular page focuses on common Latin and non-English abbreviations used in research and writing that students ... Literally, "yes" or "even thus" in Latin .