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A runaway is a minor or a person under an arbitrary age, who has left their parent or legal ... Runaway youth who identify as LGBT are at a higher risk for psychological symptoms including anxiety, ...

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Many states have laws against “harboring” runaway children. Although these laws are not often enforced, assisting a runaway teenager may result in criminal ...

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In most states, running away is not against the law. ... If you go to a youth shelter, generally they have to contact your parents within a certain amount of time to ...

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We are continuing our blog series on runaway youth laws in the 50 states. We are sharing some of the important information in these laws within each state, ...

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Once they run away, youth are at high risk for becoming involved with prostitution , ... Child runaway laws vary by state but most states do not consider it illegal for ...

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Whenever a minor is referred to the program, the Youth Referral Center shall make an ... Even in states where it is not illegal for minors to run away, a child who ...

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The laws regarding runaway teens differ among states. .... to go there ther but stay 1 or 2 nights without permission it isn't illegal and the cops won't do anything.

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Some teens will hint that they want to run away. Others ... New York State and Federal Laws require law enforcement agencies to do this immediately. Contact ...

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May 25, 2015 ... There are nine states with runaway laws regarding minor. ... In these states running away from home is only illegal if the person is under eighteen. ... and punishments and at times suspend the driving privileges of the teen.

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... run away. Learn how to properly discipline runaway child at Empowering Parents. ... Sometimes there are underlying issues that may influence a child or teen to run away. ..... The police hmm no law against him being in a drug house. As for ...

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Is it Against the Law to Run Away from Home?


In most jurisdictions it is not a crime to runaway from home, except in 9 states ... in jurisdictions in which it is not against the law to runaway away a youth may still ...



Apr 30, 2009 ... Parents can (1) report a teen behaving in either way to their local ... The law authorizes police officers to look for runaway 16- and 17-year olds.

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In Minnesota, a runaway youth is legally defined as “...an unmarried child .... from allegations of contributing or encouraging a child's illegal behavior by calling.