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The culture of Lebanon and the Lebanese people emerged from various civilizations over .... Radio stations feature a variety of music, including traditional Lebanese, classical Arabic, Armenian and modern French, English, American, and Latin ...


Lebanese traditions. Lebanon (in Arabic Lubnān) is a republic in Western Asia. Lebanon is located on the shore of Mediterranean sea. It has an area of 10,452 ...


Very little belief in the efficacy of traditional medicine remains. Lebanon has more doctors than it actually needs, and hospitals are constantly trying to modernize.


Such "strolling" is a Lebanese tradition for almost any festival. Both Muslim and Christian children play a game with colored (hard-boiled) eggs at Easter time.


The Lebanese are proud of their tradition of hospitality. This is a culture where it is considered an honour to have a guest in your home. One should therefore not  ...


Spanning a long tradition, dabke is considered more of a cultural cornerstone than a mere folk dance. Practiced everywhere from Lebanon to Palestine, Syria, ...


Hello, Here again. I would like to know about important customs and traditions in Lebanon. Regards to you.


Lebanese Traditions through food. Mezze is a great way to enjoy a get together with friends and family. Hummus dip, Tabouleh, Kofta, Baba Ghanouj, Fatoush.


Feb 17, 2017 ... The Lebanese love fireworks and it is very traditional in Lebanon to use it at Weddings. After all, nothing says extravaganza quite like some ...