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Brace and wheelchair stories make up a significant part of fetishistic literature to be found on Internet. ... One of those websites was the Legbrace John's site.


In 1985, Sonya began needing to wear a brace for her left leg due to knee problems and the instability she was having. A couple years later she also began to ...


I liked it that when you were reading a book or writing a story the dreary, .... To walk, my mother wore a metal long-leg brace that locked at the knee and kept her  ...


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He is the Author and Perfecter of all things, including my life and my story. .... Originally I was going to have to wear a traction boot to help pull my leg (which was ...


Real Life Story: Will Seers Custom Leg Brace. Will Seers Custom Leg Brace. After sustaining a gunshot wound while serving with the British Army, Will Seers ...


Thanks to the C-Brace orthotronic mobility system, Lucia no longer has to worry about the physical ... Lucia says goodbye to wheelchair and locked leg braces.


Routine spinal surgery left Katy Duncan in constant, debilitating pain. Now, a new custom fitted leg brace has 'revolutionised' her life.


Incomplete paraplegia put Christin in a wheelchair, and C-Brace helped get her out of it. After being in a wheelchair for she years, she was fit with the C-Brace ...


Ryan developed similar technology to create a high-tech leg brace that offered the same benefits as the Cheetah blades — without requiring amputation.