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a man becomes a legbrace pretender to get a job and then ....:-) ... Brace and wheelchair stories make up a significant part of fetishistic literature to be found on  ...


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In 1985, Sonya began needing to wear a brace for her left leg due to knee problems and the instability she was having. A couple years later she also began to ...


I liked it that when you were reading a book or writing a story the dreary, .... To walk, my mother wore a metal long-leg brace that locked at the knee and kept her  ...


Real Life Story: Will Seers Custom Leg Brace. Will Seers Custom Leg Brace. After sustaining a gunshot wound while serving with the British Army, Will Seers ...


Thanks to the C-Brace orthotronic mobility system, Lucia no longer has to worry about the physical ... Lucia says goodbye to wheelchair and locked leg braces.


Incomplete paraplegia put Christin in a wheelchair, and C-Brace helped get her out of it. After being in a wheelchair for she years, she was fit with the C-Brace ...


He is the Author and Perfecter of all things, including my life and my story. .... Originally I was going to have to wear a traction boot to help pull my leg (which was ...


Ryan developed similar technology to create a high-tech leg brace that offered the same benefits as the Cheetah blades — without requiring amputation.


Routine spinal surgery left Katy Duncan in constant, debilitating pain. Now, a new custom fitted leg brace has 'revolutionised' her life.