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Factors contributing to leg cramps may be as simple as dehydration or muscle strain, according to the Mayo Clinic. Occasionally, leg cramps are the result of other more serious und...

About Leg Cramps
Leg cramps are experienced as pains in the leg resulting from muscle spasms. They can be extremely painful and inconvenient, often occurring at night and causing the sufferer to be woken up. They are very common, and can happen in people of all ages.... More »
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edit]. See also: Charley horse · Nocturnal leg cramps are involuntary muscle contractions that occur in the calves, soles of ...

Muscle Cramps, Charley Horse, and Muscle Spasms: Causes and ...


WebMD explains muscle spasms, cramps and charley horses, including symptoms, causes and treatments.

Take a Lick of Salt - Another home remedy to ease cramp pain is to shake a portion of table salt (approximately the size of a dime) into the palm of your hand and lick it up. Pinch Your Upper Lip - The quickest relief may be a pinch to your upper lip directly under yo... More »
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Nighttime Leg Cramps: What Causes Muscle Spasms and Late ...


Is this topic for you? Nighttime leg cramps are different from another common nighttime leg problem called restless legs syndrome. With restless legs syndrome  ...

Muscle Cramps: Read About Treatment, Causes & Prevention


Get information on muscle cramps (charley horses), including leg cramps, causes (vitamin deficiency, drugs, lactic acid, dehydration, low calcium, potassium or ...

How to Stop Leg Muscle Cramps - Healthline


Jul 7, 2015 ... Cramps can be a real nightmare, especially when they wake you at night. Leg cramps most commonly hit your calves and hamstrings, though ...

Muscle cramp Causes - Mayo Clinic


Too little potassium, calcium or magnesium in your diet can contribute to leg cramps. Diuretics — medications often prescribed for high blood pressure — may  ...

Muscle Cramps: Read More About Symptoms and Causes


Jul 30, 2015 ... Muscle cramps may be caused by dehydration, fatigue, pregnancy and certain medications. Learn about the symptoms, treatment and ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How to Manage Leg Cramps.
A: 1. Stay hydrated. Leg cramps are often caused by dehydration. The reasoning behind this is not fully understood, but proper hydration does seem to prevent muscl... Read More »
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Q: How to Overcome Leg Cramps.
A: 1. Identify the cause of the leg cramp. In some cases, overcoming a leg cramp will depend on the underlying cause. For example, if you are taking medication for... Read More »
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Q: How to Prevent Leg Cramps
A: 1 Understand what they are and what causes them. Leg cramps are muscle contractions, typically in the hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps. There are a number of ... Read More »
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Q: How to Relieve Leg Cramps
A: 1 Flex your toes upward as soon as you get a leg cramp. A normal sleeping position with your knees slightly bent and your toes pointing down shortens the calf m... Read More »
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Q: What is leg cramps?
A: im not sure if i'm answering you correctly, if u want to kno wat causes leg cramps the only thing i kno due to personal experiance is due to lack of vitamin B6,... Read More »
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