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Any minor petitioning a Texas court for emancipation -- that is, being declared an adult in the eyes of the law -- must be a Texas resident, 17 years old (or 16 and ...

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Legal Rights of a 17-Year-Old in Texas. Seventeen-year-olds are generally anxious for their next birthday to arrive so that they can cease being legal minors and ...

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Aug 24, 2009 ... I've heard places you can be 17 in Texas and leave without parent consent as ... We are not legal experts but we can speak only generally about laws effecting minors leaving home without permission. .... with runaway situations, especially at 17 years old, since it varies from city to city. .... All rights reserved.

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Mar 3, 2015 ... Since 1918, Texas has considered 17-year-olds to be adults when they ... Perry said the state would not fully comply with the prison rape law).

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We have 72 Texas Juvenile Law Questions & Answers - Ask Lawyers for Free - Justia Ask ... Q: Can I legally withdraw my 17 year old son from school in Texas?

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Jul 8, 2012 ... Ok i know most of my rights but i want more for back up. My mom is the type to threaten me with the law and threaten who evers on my side ,with ...

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I know it is legal to move out when 17, and after 24 hours if you leave when ... to live with your parents doesn't necessarily warrant terminating their rights. ... A seventeen year old (unemancipated, unmarried, and not in the ...

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May 30, 2013 ... When a child turns 17 in Texas, they are subject to different laws and may have different rights under the law. ... here in the Sugar Land, Fort Bend County Texas area excited to file a runaway charge on a 17 year old. When ...

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Sex ed Rights ... Texas received $5,402,595 in federal funds for abstinence-only- until-marriage programs in Fiscal Year 2010. ... In Texas, you can legally consent to sexual intercourse when you become 17 years old. ... If you are under 18 years old and want an abortion, one parent or legal guardian must be notified and ...

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The Texas Child Labor Law ensures that a child is not employed in an ... for 14- and 15-Year Olds; Prohibited Occupations for 16- and 17-Year Olds; How to ...

Legal Rights of a 17-Year-Old in Texas
Seventeen-year-olds are generally anxious for their next birthday to arrive so that they can cease being legal minors and obtain the rights of adults at least 18 years old. If you are a 17-year-old living in Texas or if you're a parent wanting to lay... More »
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May 24, 2016 ... These topics include basic legal terminology, rights of youth in child abuse ... They may be able to provide information on whether a 17-year-old ...

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Criminal Procedure, if the minor's legal custodian ... The age of the child is significant because a seventeen-year-old who voluntarily leaves home ... 17 who is voluntarily absent from home without the consent of his or her parent or guardian ...

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Runaway status: According to Texas law, there is no specific classification for ... ( b) 17 years of age or at least 16 years of age living separately from a guardian, and (c) ... A youth can petition for emancipation if she is at least 16 years old, is an ... the state, and understands the rights and obligations of an emancipated youth...