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A deed (anciently an evidence) is any legal instrument in writing which passes, ... In the transfer of real estate, a deed conveys ownership from the old owner (the ...

Deed Forms – Warranty And Quit Claim - Quick Deed Transfer Form


Deed forms are the essential legal document used to transfer real property. Among the words pertinent to a deed are property, grant, assign, warrant, and ...

How to Transfer Property Rights to Family with a Quit Claim Deed ...


A Quit Claim Deed is a simple real estate legal document used to transfer property rights, often between family members. To determine if a Quit Claim Deed is ...

Transferring Property - FindLaw - Real Estate Law


A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. It will identify the buyer (grantee) and seller (grantor), provide a legal description of the property, ...

What Are Property Deeds? - FindLaw - Real Estate Law


A deed is a legal instrument that transfers some property right in real estate. Deeds in their most basic form contain: A description of the real estate involved The.

OSBA | Quitclaim Deed Transfers Property Without Ownership ...


Q: Must the transfer of title of real property via quitclaim deed involve an ... that the seller rightfully owns the property or is legal entitled to transfer ownership to ...

What is a deed? What type of deed -- grant, quitclaim, warranty ...


A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. It contains the names of the old and new owners and a legal description of the property, and is ...

How do I change a deed without a lawyer? - The Law Dictionary


Deed transfers and amendments are formal real estate proceedings that property owners can do without the assistance and oversight of an attorney, but they.

Real Estate & Property Law Deeds :: Justia


A deed is a legal instrument used to transfer title to real estate from one owner to another. While a real estate contract may set forth the terms of the transaction, ...

REAL ESTATE LAW Transfer-on-Death Deeds


REAL ESTATE LAW Transfer-on-Death Deeds. By Susan N. Gary. A transfer-on- death (TOD) deed, or beneficiary deed, allows an owner of real property to ...

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Q: Is a quit claim deed legal for the transferring of real estate pr...
A: Yes, but it is most assuredly not the safest way to transfer real property. The use of this type of legal instrument gives no guarantee that the legitimacy cann... Read More »
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Q: How to Transfer a Deed of Property.
A: 1. Draft a quitclaim deed. You may use one of the samples as a base in the resources section for clearer instructions on how to do so. Alternatively, you may re... Read More »
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Q: How to Transfer a Deed on an Inherited Property.
A: Instructions. Locate an attorney who has skills and experience in real estate. Ensure that the lawyer is effective by checking his references and credentials th... Read More »
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Q: Is a notarized quit claim deed legal if the witnesses are the par...
A: If you are contemplating using those individuals as witnesses . . . don't. Parties to any legal transaction should not also be witnesses. If that has already be... Read More »
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Q: How To Transfer a Deed and Property Title
A: Transferring a deed and property title requires legal instrumentation. It is one way to transfer the ownership of a property from you to another person, whether... Read More »
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