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Lemon Tree Diseases
According to Texas A&M, lemon trees are fairly tough, and most of the diseases that affect them will only cause cosmetic damage to the peel or a small reduction in the size of the fruit. However, there are diseases that stand out as having a serious... More »
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List of citrus diseases

1 Bacterial diseases; 2 Fungal diseases; 3 Nematodes, parasitic; 4 Viral ... Bacterial diseasesedit] .... Blight = young tree decline, rough lemon decline, GTP.

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Occurs mostly in the Sacramento Valley on the exposed side of trees facing ... where infections can move from old blooms to developing new lemons in spring.

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Citrus stubborn disease (CSD). » Chrysanthemum36.jpg Citrus stubborn disease (CSD) · » · 18CSD.jpg Citrus stubborn disease (CSD). Tree exhibiting irregular ...

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Trees should be examined frequently for pests, diseases, and disorders which ... is delayed or when the trees are grown on lemon or other vigorous rootstocks.

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PROBLEMS OF FRUIT ... Fruit drop is heavier during hot, dry and windy weather and on trees ... lemon, volkameriana, macrophylla and trifoliate rootstocks.

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Learn more about the diseases and insects that affect citrus trees such as citrus ... As the incidence of this insect peaks in summer, summer and fall lemon ...

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Common Meyer lemon diseases fall into several basic categories. Viral diseases, like citrus tristeza, may also be deadly to other citrus trees. Mold growth, like ... Tree Disease&v=9GS20iGwXas
May 26, 2012 ... Common Citrus Diseases Warners Tree Surgery (480) 969-8808 ... My citrus lemon tree doesn't feel well, it seems that it has two of the ...

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Tips on Distinguishing the Leaf Symptoms of Citrus Greening Disease ... Remember, if you do suspect your tree may be infected, please don't hesitate to report it ...

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Q: About Lemon Tree Diseases.
A: Citrus Tristeza. Citrus tristeza is a virus that causes a young seedling to turn yellow, the stems to become pitted or the rootstock to go rapidly downhill. In ... Read More »
Q: Meyer Lemon Tree Diseases.
A: Meyer lemon trees are notorious for being symptomless hosts for a disease known as Citrus Tristeza. Citrus Tristeza is generally spread by aphids. Other disease... Read More »
Q: Lemon tree disease?
A: Citrus scale, probably:… Read More »
Q: Meyer lemon tree - diseased.
A: Hi Susan, The problem is some sort of sucking insect (aphids, whitefly, scale insect, or mealybug. All of these insects secrete as a waste product a sticky, swe... Read More »
Q: Palm Springs Lemon Tree Disease.
A: Hi Paul,  You have leaf minor on your trees.  Here in FL we trim off the new growth with the bug on it, you can fertilize when it is cooler as the leaf minor co... Read More »