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Liberian cuisine has been influenced by contact, trade and colonization from the United States, especially foods from the American South (Southern food), ...


The capital city of Monrovia is named after the U.S. president James Monroe, who established the Republic of Liberia. Much of the culture and foods from Liberia ...


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Jun 17, 2010 ... Liberian food is my weakness. Hearty, spicy and influenced by the immigrants and settlers who have over the years made this tiny coastal ...

Mar 28, 2015 ... enjoy this video of Liberian foods. ... liberian back ground learining cook food. for my liberian husband. Read more. Show less. Reply 2 3.


LIB Food is a mail order catering business that dishes out to the common person; with a taste for gourmet Liberian cuisines. Our food has the variety of ethnic ...


Liberia. Lesson 4: Liberian Food. Goals for Lesson: • Students will appreciate differences in diet, farming methods and cooking styles between America and ...


Rice is one of the staple foods in Liberia. You will often hear a Liberian exclaim that he/she hasn't eaten all day, if they haven't had a rice dish for the day.


Results 1 - 6 of 6 for liberian food. 1. LIBERIAN CABBAGE STEW. 1. Cut off stem at cabbage head. Cut cabbage in 4 quarters. Chop up each into large hunks.