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Pregnant women can have some light irregular bleeding during pregnancy, but it should not be like a “normal” period. Some women can confuse this for their ...

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Can light period and pregnancy happen at the same time? A light period during pregnancy is possible as a result of implantation. But if it's not implantation, what  ...

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Spotting may not mean your pregnancy hopes are dashed this month. ... Implantation bleeding can mimic menstruation, especially during those first few ..... The day I missed my period I had a VERY light brown discharge 2 times only when I'd ...

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Women who are pregnant sometimes have a very light period, losing only a ... If you're being sick all the time and can't keep anything down, contact your GP.

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Some pregnant women notice light spotting, called implantation bleeding, around the time their period is due, .... Can you get your period while you're pregnant?

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If your pregnancy test is positive, it's still possible for you to have some light bleeding. ... Either your period arrives, or you develop early pregnancy symptoms , such as ... Smoking, drinking, and drugs during pregnancy can harm your baby.

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Everything you are describing screams pregnancy. So to be on the safe side I would test. You can still get your period while you are pregnant, ...

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You can only experience periods when you are not pregnant. ... You might think you are having a light period, while in essence you are having implantation ...

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Oct 20, 2012 ... Sometimes the changes to your uterus during early pregnancy, including the increased blood flow to the area, can cause some light spotting or ...

Period While Pregnant? Is it Possible? 3 Ways It Is - Life with Gremlins


Sep 6, 2014 ... Bleeding during pregnancy which can be mistaken for a period while ..... An early light period can be normal for early pregnancy and just as a ...

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Q: Light period can i be pregnant?
A: Well if your taking birth control sometimes it will make your period really light and not last as long. Birth control has side effects that will actually look l... Read More »
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Q: I had a short and light period can i be pregnant?
A: if your period was extremely short with very little red blood then you probably had implantation bleeding. some women can spot for a couple of days through thei... Read More »
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Q: My period seems really light, is it posible i can still be pregna...
A: Pregnant? period is light and short,? Yes having a light and short cycle can mean being Pregnant and you may be with baby and i would advise you to go to a doct... Read More »
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Q: How Can I Tell if I Am Pregnant Before My Next Period?
A: Typically, a woman thinks she might be pregnant only after she misses a menstrual period, but with modern technology, women can find out if they are pregnant at... Read More »
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Q: Can You Be Pregnant & Have a Light Period?
A: Women who are pregnant should not be alarmed if they are spotting or appearing to menstruate, but they should be aware, especially if this happens after the fir... Read More »
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