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Lightning strike - Wikipedia


A lightning strike is an electric discharge between the atmosphere and an earth- bound object. They mostly originate in a cumulonimbus cloud and terminate on ...

NWS Lightning Safety: Five Ways Lightning Strikes People


It is not always possible to know exactly how a victim has been struck, but here is a list of ways that lightning strikes its victims. Any of these types of strikes can ...

Intellicast - Lightning Strikes in United States


The National Lightning map shows where cloud-to-ground lightning strikes have occurred in the last hour. Lightning is an atmospheric discharge of electricity, ...

Lightning FAQ - What happens when lightning strikes a house?


If you know your house has just been hit directly by lightning, call the fire department. It is common for lightning to start fires in the attic and within walls of homes.

How to Survive a Lightning Strike | Lightning Statistics - Live Science


Jul 19, 2013 ... Lightning strikes worldwide kill about 24000 people each year, and roughly 240000 people are injured on an annual basis. Here's what you ...

How Does Lightning Strike? Symptoms, Emergencies & Treatment


Sep 16, 2016 ... Lightning strikes are weather-related medical emergencies. Lightning is consistantly the top five weather-related killers. Being struck by ...

Lightning Strikes Weather Map - weather.com


View weather map showing the latest US areas that have been struck by lightning.

Lightning Strike - Official Path of Exile Wiki


Nov 20, 2016 ... Damage conversion: Like all converted damage, the lightning portion of Lightning Strike's damage will be modified by both lightning damage ...

A lightning strike killed 323 reindeer, and this is the ghastly ...


Aug 29, 2016 ... The 323 reindeer were killed by lightning Friday, the agency said, in a rare natural massacre that counts as the deadliest lightning strike on ...