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Limelight is a type of stage lighting once used in theatres and music halls. An intense illumination is created when an oxyhydrogen flame is directed at a cylinder ...

Limelight Networks: Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services


Discover the best solution for delivering your digital content, to any device, anywhere in the world: Limelight Networks CDN.

LimeLight by Alcone: Home


This line produces such significant results that women all over the country are switching to LimeLight and not only are they looking better on the outside, they are ...

The Origin of the Phrase "In the Limelight" - Today I Found Out


Nov 11, 2013 ...Limelight,” which is also known as “calcium light,” was used as stage lighting for years after being discovered by Goldsworth Gurney in the ...

Where Does The Term “Limelight” Originate? | A Moment of Science ...


Feb 10, 2010 ... If someone loves being in the limelight, that means they enjoy being the center of attention. We use the word now to mean social prominence, ...

Urban Dictionary: limelight


On occasion, people were in comatose states when put in the pits and would awaken in a decaying state and wonder around the lime-pit while crowds of people ...

In the limelight - meaning and origin. - The Phrase Finder


In the limelight - the meaning and origin of this saying.

Limelight - definition of limelight by The Free Dictionary


Also called: calcium light brilliant white light produced in this way ... to be in the limelight → ser el centro de atención, estar en el candelero .... He was willing to do that, for he was a true son of the great city of razzle-dazzle, and to him ... a temporary check on the development of the situation, but after they had been seate...

Limelight meaning: Why do we say a celebrity is in the limelight?


Feb 28, 2011 ... They mean that they've got our attention, as if a spotlight is shining on them and the world's eyes are on them. But where does this phrase “to be in the limelight” come from? ... Honeymoon: Why do we call it a honeymoon?

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Q: What Is Limelight?
A: Limelight treatment is a skin rejuvenation process that is used to make skin look younger, smoother, healthier, and to improve complexion by eliminating blotchy... Read More »
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Q: Where is limelight?
A: The Corporate Headquarters of Limelight Networks, Inc. is located in Tempe, AZ. ChaCha! Read More »
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Q: What is "the limelight".
A: The Limelight is a focus of public Read More »
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Q: What is a limelight?
A: limelight: a focus of public attention; a lamp consisting of a flame directed at a cylinder of lime with a lens to concentrate the light Read More »
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Q: How to Live in the Limelight.
A: 1. Cultivate a public persona. This involves developing a self-image that you will project publicly, a reputation by which people will identify you. You can for... Read More »
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