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A limited government is a political system in which power is controlled by a constitution and divided among different entities in order to prevent tyranny. The governments of the U...

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Limited government is a political paradigm under which the citizenry has significant power to influence the rule of law and where government is kept to a minimal ...

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Individuals differ in their concept of a limited government, but one common interpretation is that a limited government is one that levies just enough taxes to ...

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"Limited government" is a key term in the American philosophy. Its great significance is indicated by describing the purpose of limiting government's power in ...
I’ve argued before that Americans overwhelmingly favor “big” government – or more precisely, they have a set of priorities that they are unwilling to cut federal spending on (entitlements, for instance). I mean, think of all the things that you probably never even thin... More »
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In a limited government, the power of government to intervene in the exercise of civil liberties is restricted by by constitutional law.

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Government. restricted with reference to governing powers by limitations prescribed in laws and in a constitution, as in limited monarchy; limited government. 3.

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Shmoop: Limited Government, US government study guide. Limited Government analysis by PhD and Masters students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley.

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Limited government is defined as a governing or controlling body whose power exists only within pre-defined limits that are established by a constitution or other  ...

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Liberty Features · Hidden emails reveal a secret anti-fossil fuel network involving the White House, Democrat governors, wealthy donors and foundations, and ...

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Q: What is a limited government?
A: A limited government is a government that cannot interfere with personal liberties and individual rights much because it is against the law. Read More »
Q: What is an example of limited government?
A: The government can only do what the Constitution says it can. Read More »
Q: What is an example of limited government?
A: An example of this would be the First Amendment, prohibiting the government Read More »
Q: What is concept of limited government?
A: Statue of Limitation is a type of federal or state law that restricts the time Read More »
A: Why limit Government? Why not?! Such a flippant comment would persuade no one of anything and win no battles for liberty. Indeed, our movement may be overdue fo... Read More »