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However, like beer certain liquors can "go bad" and after months or years almost any spirit in an opened bottle may loose some character, ...

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However, like beer certain liquors can "go bad" and after months or years almost any spirit in an opened bottle may lose some character, "punch" and flavor.

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Because of that, storing liquors in the pantry or in the cellar is probably the best thing to do. After opening the bottle make sure you always keep it sealed tightly ...

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Jan 8, 2010 ... But what about after the bottle's been opened? ... go amiss with horizontally stored spirits is something more along the lines of an unappetizing ...

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Jul 24, 2015 ... It seems almost counterintuitive that alcohol should go bad, because .... Even opened, bourbon can taste pretty much the same after 10 years if ...

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Sep 20, 2012 ... You're digging through Grandma's liquor cabinet and you find some dusty old bottles ... their shelf life, and advise you whether to refrigerate the bottle after opening. .... Also, does vermouth expire of lose quality if unopened?

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May 26, 2009 ... So, does alcohol expire once it's been opened? Yes...depending on the type of liquor. Find out what liquor/alcohol goes bad after opening and ...

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Apr 22, 2015 ... So, the answer to does liquor go bad, when you are talking about hard ... stored pure hard liquor that has not been opened should not go bad ...

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Oct 2, 2012 ... However, like beer, certain liquors can go bad. Almost any spirit in an opened bottle will lose some character, punch and flavor after time ...

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“Distilled spirits don't go bad; they fade,” says Glenn Jeffers, writing in the ... within 6 months of opening the bottle; refrigerate after opening.”.

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A: If the liquor is opened once, or seldom, expect it to last a year. If it's Read More »
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A: Liquor doesn't go bad. It already is bad. Read More »
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Q: How long does liquor last after opening?
A: depends on the type of liquor and whether you are asking about "optimal flavor" vs "safety in consuming" High alcohol content beverages (hard liquors) do not ha... Read More »
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