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Wikipedia:List of simple adjectives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. This is a list of simple adjectives used in the English ...


Ginger has gathered a list of adjectives, grouped by adjective type. Click here for a comprehensive list of the most common adjectives in English.


A word bank of common adjectives. Adjectives: Little Explorers Picture Dictionary A page of adjectives from the Little Explorers Picture Dictionary in English.


Adjectives are some of the most common words in the English language: with a list of adjective words at hand, you can effectively describe your surroundings in ...


This list of 100 common adjectives in English was selected from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) by Brigham Young University.


This list of the 50 most frequently used adjectives in English is a good place to start expanding your English vocabulary. Adjectives add precision to your ...


→Remember that adjectives describe or indicate the degree abrupt acidic adorable adventurous aggressive agitated alert aloof amiable amused annoyed antsy.


Learn and study the most frequently used 500 English vocabulary adjectives used in speaking. ... (adjective). available, 94, (adjective). popular, 81, (adjective) .


The following lists are just a sampling of adjectives in the English language. ... Use your dictionary or thesaurus to add to each list or use the complete list.