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Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians. The word means double life – many species spend part of their life in aquatic (water) and terrestrial (land) environments. More >>
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List of amphibians


The list below largely follows Darrel Frost's Amphibian Species of the World ( ASW), Version 5.5 (31 January 2011). Another classification, which largely follows ...

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Your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign will help us establish a conservation breeding center for Armenia's vanishing reptiles and amphibians. Offspring ...

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Looking for amphibians facts? San Diego Zoo Kids Territory has information on the types of amphibians as well as amphibian pictures.

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The largest living amphibian, the Chinese giant salamander can reach lengths of 1.8 metres. 3. Sagalla Caecilian. Boulengerula niedeni. Conservation Attention ...

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Introduction to Ambhibian animals: About 4,500 species of amphibians live on Earth today, many fewer than the number known only from fossils.

Amphibians for Kids: Frogs, Salamanders, and Toads - Ducksters


What is an amphibian? Kids learn about these cold blooded animals including salamanders, frogs, and toads. Lifecycle such as tadpole and metamorphosis.

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Most popular amphibians. View videos and photos of 50 of the most popular amphibians in nature. Learn more about their biology, threats and conservation.



TMM · DigiMorph Contributors. Expert annotation. Amphibians ...



examples of amphibians [2] click to hear. There are about 4,000 species of amphibians divided into three main groups, depending on whether or not they have a ...

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Q: What are a list of amphibians ?
A: American Bullfrog, American Toad, European Green Toad, Giant Marine Toad,Golden Mantella, Mountain Chicken, Panamanian Golden Read More »
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Q: Can you list all amphibians.
A: There are at least 5,652 different amphibian species in the world, including: Bufo terrestris, Acris gryllus dorsalis, Hyla MORE? Read More »
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Q: List of amphibians that can live both in water and land?
A: yes Read More »
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Q: List of amphibians that can live both in water and land.
A: frogs. toads. salamandas. newts. Read More »
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Q: Can someone please give me a long list of amphibians?
A: bullfrog. green frog. leopard frog. wood frog. gray tree frog. green tree frog. blue spotted salamander. spotted salamander. red backed salamander. eastern newt... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com