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Class Amphibia
Amphibians include frogs, toads, salamanders and caecilians. The word means double life – many species spend part of their life in aquatic (water) and terrestrial (land) environments. More >>
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List of amphibians organizes the class of amphibian by family and subfamilies and mentions the number of species in each of them. The list below largely ...

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Giant salamanders? Amphibians that look like enormous worms? You'll find these amphibians, and dozens more, at various locations at the Saint Louis Zoo.

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Looking for amphibians facts? San Diego Zoo Kids Territory has information on the types of amphibians as well as amphibian pictures.

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Introduction to Ambhibian animals: About 4,500 species of amphibians live on Earth today, many fewer than the number known only from fossils.

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Amphibians A-Z. World Status Key Least Concern Near Threatened Vulnerable Endangered Critically Endangered Extinct in the Wild Extinct Status taken from ...

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The largest living amphibian, the Chinese giant salamander can reach lengths of 1.8 metres. 3. Sagalla Caecilian. Boulengerula niedeni. Conservation Attention ...

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Included in the IUCN Red List is the comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the world's 6,000+ known species of frogs, toads, salamanders, ...

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European Red List of. Amphibians. Compiled by Helen J. Temple and Neil A. Cox. IUCN Species Programme. IUCN Regional Office for Europe ...

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List of amphibians in Thailand. Please note that some of species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand. This list is result of our own ...