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An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases libido when consumed. Aphrodisiacs are distinct from substances that address fertility issues or secondary sexual ...


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Apr 27, 2017 ... Sure, you've heard that oysters and strawberries are aphrodisiacs before, but what about some of the less exotic aphrodisiacs, like coffee and ...


Do aphrodisiacs really work? Sample these aphrodisiac foods with your sweetie and see if the science holds true.


Oct 3, 2011 ... For centuries, certain foods and substances have been rumored to have aphrodisiac properties. By definition, an aphrodisiac (named for the ...


Jan 18, 2011 ... From oysters to chocolate and balut to maca: turn up the heat with these edible aphrodisiacs from around the globe.


May 22, 2015 ... I've always been a little curious about aphrodisiacs foods. I mean, food that can enhance your libido? It sounds kind of amazing. But while I've ...


The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods - Food and sex can be a seriously erotic mix if you know what you're doing, so getting to grips with aphrodisiac foods this ...


Discover the aphrodisiac properties of some of the world's greatest foods of love, including watermelon, pomegranate, oysters, chocolate and strawberries.


Feb 18, 2014 ... If you are looking to improve sexual arousal -- yours or your partners -- try some aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods that can increase the ...