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Silverplate Marks Illustrated - Most extensive internet resource for research of Silver Marks, ... Alphabetical Listing of Silverplate Manufacturers by Maker's Name • • • ... E. P. N. S.. Electro Plated Nickel Silver Generic mark used by many firms.

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2000 images of trade marks of British silver plate and electroplate silver manufacturers and retailers. ... Electroplated materials are often stamped EPNS for electroplated nickel on silver, ... ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF SILVERPLATE MARKS ...

English electroplate silver: marks and hallmarks of English silver plate


marks and hallmarks of English silver plate, EPNS, EPBM, Walker & Hall, Elkington, Mappin & Webb, James Dixon, William ... ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF

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If the marks are not shown, E-mail the seller and ask for a symbol by symbol list of their 'hallmarks'. One common response is E.P.N.S. A1. Unfortunately, those ...

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The first step in deciphering these marks is to learn what kinds of silver are out there .... Electroplated nickel silver, or EPNS, is an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc ...

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If your item has EP, EPNS, Silver on Copper, or other terms marked on it, then it is electroplated silver ... Don't list it as Sterling unless you know for sure it is Sterling Silver. ... Hallmarks are made with a die, that is stamped directly into the piece.

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The following list is compiled from emails of SilverForum subscribers: The list consists of designers and maker's marks that have been difficult to find in reference ...

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This is a list of American silver marks and solid American silver. ... The words quadruple, triple, double, EPNS, and EPWM indicate that the ware is silver plated .

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Silversmiths put marks on silver products that indicate how much pure silver the alloy contains. ... What are some resources that offer lists of precious gemstones? ... Epns Silver · Identify Silver Markings · Epns Silver Plated England Hallmarks ...

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sha.org/assets/documents/Trademarks on Base-Metal Tableware.pdf

Late 18th century to circa 1900 (including marks on Britannia ... A list of publications is available from National Historic Sites Publications, Parks Service, En-.

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Silverplate Marks Illustrated - Most extensive internet resource for research of Silver Marks, ... Alphabetical Listing of Silverplate Manufacturers by Maker's Name

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To identify the maker from its initials use the alphabetical "List of Marks" pages ( see .... The most common are EPNS (Electro Plated Nickel Silver) and EPBM ...

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Understand British silver hallmarks and hallmarking on Antique Silverware and ... an exhaustive list and we recommend the book Jackson's Silver & Gold Marks ... in 1896 and pieces had to be marked EPNS for 'electroplated nickel silver'.