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In religion, a false prophet is one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine ... See also: Prophets of Christianity and List of people claimed to be Jesus.

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Benny Hinn is about the most sought after false prophet and teacher today. ... We don't have enough paper to list all of the falseness of Hinns ministry. T.D. Jakes ...

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Click HERE or scroll down to the list of false teachers. What is a false teacher and how does one qualify for this list? No person rightfully takes upon himself the ...



False Teachers List & False Prophets Exposed | List of False Teachers of the Prosperity Gospel: Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Rob Bell, Kenneth Copeland, T.D. ...

Ten Most Dangerous False Teachers In America


False Teachers In America. Here is a list of the "Ten Most Wanted" religious false teachers in America today. These men and all the men and women listed on ...

"The Big List of False Prophets and their False Prophecies" | Study ...


"The Big List" Of False Prophets And Their False Prophecies About "The End". Unfulfilled Religious Predictions Wiki. (So many can be added.. probably not ...

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Articles about false prophets, false teachers, false apostles other "snake oil ..... The list is a Who's Who of people who have brought shame to the Gospel of Jesus ...

List Of (Probable) False Christian Leaders, False Christian Teachers


Dec 6, 2010 ... Therefore, I cannot produce a list of false teachers/prophets based on behaviour ( because behaviour can easily be misunderstood) but I can ...

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Posts about false prophet written by Discernment Ministries International. ... The list of sexual predators within the PM is long, people such as the august Bob ...

Reformed Rapper Calls Out 12 Popular Pastors as 'False Teachers ...


Apr 11, 2013 ... Update (April 19): Rapper Shai Linne defended his characterization of Paula White as a "false teacher" in a lengthy letter to her son and ...

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Q: List of False Prophets?
A: how about you take the bible im sure that all fake. cause its been rewriten 600 times since it was writen Source(s): doing my own research and not letting the c... Read More »
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Q: Looking for a list of false prophets in the Bible?
A: Balaam was a true prophet who was false to his calling and his Lord. There was this one fellow who demanded that somebody else wound him before he spoke lies. H... Read More »
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Q: Provide the list of names of false prophets from the bible?
A: There are too many to list, but one of the false prophets in the Old Testament is Balaam, who was a 'profit-for-hire' and would do anything for the money [see N... Read More »
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Q: Who are false prophets of today?
A: Type your answer here.DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW.Any one, who wiilingly leads another in to believing Christ would promote evil,and teach false doctrins in the nam... Read More »
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Q: How to Identify a False Prophet by Bible Scripture.
A: 1. Read the Bible daily. The Bible is the written word of God that Christians use to know the will of God. It is God's will that Christians deny false prophets.... Read More »
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