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Fundamental rights


Fundamental rights are a generally regarded set of legal protections in the context of a legal ... 1 List of important rights; 2 Legal meaning in the United States; 3 Specific jurisdictions ... Indi...

Bill of Rights - Bill of Rights Institute


The Bill of Rights is a list of limits on government power. For example, what the Founders saw as the natural right of individuals to speak and worship freely was  ...

We Have 30 Basic Human Rights: Do You Know Them ...


Nov 16, 2009 ... List provided by Youth For Human Rights International, adapted and ... covering the good deeds of individuals, charities and businesses.

Individual Rights and Community Responsibilities | Learning to Give


This list includes the abolition of slavery, women's suffrage, the civil rights movement ... Community responsibilities are an individual's duties or obligations to the ...

The Bill of Rights [ushistory.org]


The Bill of Rights. ... The last two amendments, respectively, spell out that this list of individual protections is not meant to exclude other ones, and, by contrast, ...

Here's a Complete List of Human Rights Everyone Should Know About


Aug 13, 2016 ... Certain rights are granted to every individual irrespective of their nationality and religion. These are known as human rights, and are aimed at ...

The United States Bill of Rights - First 10 Amendments to the ...


To help you brush up on your rights, we're giving away FREE pocket Constitutions!

Individual Rights — Ayn Rand Lexicon


Rights” are a moral concept—the concept that provides a logical transition from the principles guiding an individual's actions to the principles guiding his ...

Civil Rights Laws - FindLaw


Below is a list of federal laws that guarantee civil rights and prohibit ... Prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in the provision of (including ...

Examples of Human Rights - YourDictionary


Examples of fundamental inalienable rights include the right to life, liberty and the ... other individual's inalienable rights to state their opinion/ speak their mind.

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Constitutional Topic: Rights and Responsibilities - The U.S. ...


In Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, there are three key individual rights ... it is appropriate to list the individual rights that are included in the Bill of Rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (abbreviated)


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (abbreviated). Part 5 Contents: Human Rights Education Resource List - Part 1, Human Rights Education Resource ...

The Rights and Freedoms of Americans - TEP-Online


Other Americans from different states demanded that a Bill of Rights be added .... This amendment states that the list of rights contained in the Bill of Rights is not ...