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This is a list of "laws" applied to various disciplines. These are often adages or predictions with the appellation 'Law', although they do not apply in the legal ...

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Learn about some of the best-known U.S. laws and regulations.

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Below is a list of federal laws that guarantee civil rights and prohibit discrimination in a number of settings, including links to the full texts of those laws .

Some Basic Laws in the US.

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Like other countries, the United States of America has many laws and rules. It is very ... These laws also vary when you travel from one state to another state.

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Jan 1, 2017 ... The laws list originally started out strictly as a list of laws. Then, because of their similarity, I began adding rules to the list (after all, in physics, ...

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Jan 1, 2017 ... Ampere's law (A.M. Ampere): The line integral of the magnetic flux around a closed curve is proportional to the algebraic sum of electric ...

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Understanding the basics of these 20 laws is an important first step for every American to ... emergency contraception, and medical marijuana, check out this list.

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The current list is updated as soon as public laws become available.

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Sep 8, 2016 ... A number of laws serve as EPA's foundation for protecting the environment and public health. However, most laws do not have enough detail to ...

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List of Law and Policy Documents. GENDER EQUALITY. Bulgarian Constitution, adopted in 1991 by the Seventh Great National Assembly. Equal rights and the ...