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This is a list of "laws" applied to various disciplines. These are often adages or predictions with the appellation 'Law', although they do not apply in the legal ...

Popular Federal Laws and Regulations | USAGov


Learn about some of the best-known U.S. laws and regulations.

The laws list - Alcyone Systems


The laws list originally started out strictly as a list of laws. Then, because of their similarity, I began adding rules to the list (after all, in physics, there is generally ...

The laws list: A - Alcyone Systems


Ampere's law (A.M. Ampere): The line integral of the magnetic flux around a closed curve is proportional to the algebraic sum of electric currents flowing through ...

Laws and Executive Orders | Laws & Regulations | US EPA


A number of laws serve as EPA's foundation for protecting the environment and public health. However, most laws do not have enough detail to be put into ...

A Comprehensive List of U.S. Employement and Labor Laws


List of employment laws covering a range of topics including wages, discrimination, harassment, employee benefits and employee rights issues.

Public Law Listings - National Archives and Records Administration


The current list is updated as soon as public laws become available. ... of the Federal Register to be assigned a law number and paginated for the United States ...

41 U.S. Code § 1906 - List of laws inapplicable to procurements of ...


The Federal Acquisition Regulation shall include a list of provisions of law that are inapplicable to contracts for the procurement of commercial items. A provision  ...

41 U.S. Code § 1905 - List of laws inapplicable to contracts or ...


The Federal Acquisition Regulation shall include a list of provisions of law that are inapplicable to contracts or subcontracts in amounts not greater than the ...

10 Absurd Laws From Around the World - Listverse


Jan 5, 2012 ... I am fairly certain that this will be the most well-known law on this list, for it has received much controversy. Put into effect in 1987, the law hoped ...

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Civil Rights Laws - FindLaw


Below is a list of federal laws that guarantee civil rights and prohibit discrimination in a number of settings, including links to the full texts of those laws .

Rights and Responsibilities: Basic Laws in the U.S.


Like other countries, the United States of America has many laws and rules. ... Alcohol It is against the law to sell or give alcohol and/or cigarettes to a minor ...

20 Civil Liberties Laws Every American Should Know - Criminal ...


Understanding the basics of these 20 laws is an important first step for every American to ... emergency contraception, and medical marijuana, check out this list.