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This is a list of predicted dates for apocalyptic events, such as the Rapture, Last Judgment, ..... 1999 Jul, Nostradamus, A prediction attributed to Nostradamus stating the "King of Terror"...

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Nostradamus completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains). A quatrain is ...

Predictions of Nostradamus 2016


What are the Nostradamus Predictions ? Discover all of the predictions of Nostradamus in 2016. ... List Nostradamus Predictions · Nostradamus Prophecies.

Nostradamus: Predictions for the Past, Present and Future


Nostradamus: Predictions for the Past, Present and Future Is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could.

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The most accurate collection of Nostradamus prophecies and their interpretations on the Internet.

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Feb 8, 2011 ... A list of Nostradamus predictions have been compiled in the following article, that will help you know some of the prophecies about the future, ...

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Dec 31, 2011 ... A look at predictions of the past as we enter 2012. ... Nostradamus wrote his first set of Quatrains, four line predictions, in 1555 and books are ...

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May 30, 2014 ... The French apothecary may have predicted the future more than once. ... 11 Shockingly Accurate Predictions From Nostradamus.

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Dec 6, 2015 ... FRENCH prophet Nostradamus predicted ISIS's bid to dominate parts of ... The website lists the four-verse quatrain from which it is claimed it ...



Nostradamus, Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) ... 1503 – July 1, 1566) born Michel de Nostredame, is one of the world's most famous authors of prophecies.

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Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions that Have Come True - Top Ten Lists


Michel de Nostredame (14 or 21 December 1503 – 2 July 1566), usually Latinised to Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published ...

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016


Aug 8, 2015 ... Nostradamus studied astrology and various “occult” sciences and used those to predict the future. Here is a list of 10 predictions that he made ...

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Any discussion of Nostradamus' predictions about our future has to deal to some extent .... To complete the list of seven warning signs, he warns of plagues and ...