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A practical joke is a mischievous trick or joke played on someone, typically causing the victim to ... Practical jokes or pranks are generally lighthearted, reversible and non-permanent, and aim to make the victim feel foolish or victimised to a ...


Mar 30, 2014 ... 27 Pranks You Need To Really Own April Fools' Day. You'll probably end up deeply unpopular, but you'll have WON, and that's what matters.


April Fools' Day (April 1st) is fast approaching, so we thought we might offer a few prank ideas for the more mischievous pandas among you (and if you're not.


Mar 31, 2013 ... In honor of the biggest troll holiday of the year, we've selected 50 of the most epic pranks, large and small.


Nov 6, 2013 ... Collection of great pranks !!! Pranks That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry. Because ruining someone else's day can provide a lifetime of.


Mar 31, 2017 ... Some pranks launched on Friday, while others went live even earlier ... Below is our list, so far, of all the April Fools' pranks on the Internet this ...


Take this (somewhat twisted) list of pranks that my visitors have written and see how many you can do before the cops rock up.


Be on your toes today. There's a rich history of pretty awesome April Fools' pranks. Here are 10 of our favorites...


One of the central elements of Jim Halpert's character as originally conceived is his devotion...


A list of fairly harmless pranks, such as... Rubber Bands Around a Phone Prank. ... Explore April Fools Pranks, April Fools Day, and more!