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Alphabetical list of predicates


makes functor and arguments as a list ! (cut) partially restricts the backtracking := assumes equal ; (or) executes the left goal and if fails or on Next Answer ...

What Is a Predicate? (grammar lesson) - Grammar Monster


The predicate is everything that is not the subject. See examples of predicates. See the definition of Predicate in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms and ...

List of Standard Predicates


open(Stream) otherwise phrase(Phrase, List) phrase(Phrase, List, Remains) predicate_property(Predicate, Property) print(Term) Currently the same as write/1 .

List the program, predicates or clauses


4.5 List the program, predicates or clauses. listing( :Pred ): List predicates specified by Pred . Pred may be a predicate name (atom), which lists all predicates ...

How to Find a Verb & Predicate in a Sentence | The Classroom ...


A "state-of-being" verb links the subject to the predicate nominative or predicate adjective. The list of state-of-being verbs is small and can be memorized for easy  ...

List Manipulation - SWI-Prolog


This library provides commonly accepted basic predicates for list manipulation in the Prolog community. Some additional list manipulations are built-in. See e.g. ...

List of predicates in Prolog - Stack Overflow


You can't store predicates in a list, but you can store terms (or functors) and call terms as goals. Here's a predicate that tests whether a term has the ...

How to apply multiple predicates to a java.util.Stream? - Stack ...


How can I apply multiple predicates to a java.util. ... I will have a list of predicates created by external consumer of the class and I need to create ...

jpa 2.0 - Really dynamic JPA CriteriaBuilder - Stack Overflow


doesn't work, because it is a list of predicates query.where(predicates); // doesn't work, because the actual predicate overwrites the old ...

predicate - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


Search Results; Advanced Search; List Builder; Random Word. predicate ... The predicate is the part of a sentence that includes the verb and verb phrase.

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Examples of Predicate Adjectives - Example articles - YourDictionary


A predicate adjective modifies the subject of the sentence, and is connected to the subject by a linking verb. In the sentence "The wall is purple," the subject is ...

Simple Predicate | Examples and Definition - K12 Reader


Simple Predicate. When we want to know what a subject does or is, we look at the predicate in a sentence. Predicates can either be simple or complete.

Built-in list operations - SWI-Prolog


Most list operations are defined in the library library(lists) described in section ... This predicate is a true relation and can be used to find the length of a list or ...