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Class Reptilia
Reptilia, presented as a Class in our classification, includes turtles (Testudines), snakes and lizards (Lepidosauria), crocodiles and their relatives (Crocodilia), and birds (Aves), as well as a number of extinct groups. More >>
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List of reptiles lists the vertebrate class of reptiles by family, spanning three subclasses. Contents. [hide]. 1 Subclass Anapsida. 1.1 Order Testudines - Turtles .

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Your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign will help us establish a conservation breeding center for Armenia's vanishing reptiles and amphibians. Offspring ...

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ANIMAL BYTES - Reptilia (alphabetical species list)...Find quick information and fun facts about animals.

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Everything you need to know about reptiles in one place. See reptile pictures and explore reptile facts.

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Agamid A lizard with sturdy legs, also known as the dragon lizard. Males are often brightly coloured. Agamids include bearded dragons and frilled lizards.

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List of North American Reptiles. Photographs and information on mammals and reptiles of USA, Canada and Mexico.

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That is because, as of now, we do not have a species profile for that particular reptile. Over time, we will have profile pages for every reptile on this list. And you  ...

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On earth reptiles are those animals in which snakes, crocodiles and some other popular species lie. So this list of reptiles have their facts and pictures.

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Information, photos, videos and distrubition areas of reptiles found in Thailand. ... This list is result of our own cross-referencing of checklists from many sites, ...