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The best place to find a list of similes in "To Kill a Mockingbird" is on one of the many literary analysis and educational sites available online, such as StudyMode and ENotes. On...

List of AS...AS Similes | EnglishClub


This is a list of well-known AS...AS similes such as 'as big as a ...

Simile Examples for Kids - Examples on YourDictionary


Simile examples for kids is a great way to teach them about this figure of speech that compares one thing or ... Quotes · Word Lists · Reference ... The often nonsensical aspect of similes make them a fun way to get kids excited about reading.

Similes: 100 similes and examples flashcards | Quizlet


Vocabulary words for Similes and examples. Includes studying games and tools such as flashcards. ... List · Scores · Info. Advertisement Upgrade to remove ads.

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List of Similes and Metaphors - Buzzle


Jan 14, 2015 ... The following Buzzle article gives an explanation of what similes and metaphors are, and provides a comprehensive list of the same for your ...

List of similes - SpeakspeakSpeakspeak


A simile is a type of idiom. It likens one thing to another thing. Similes often contain as … as or like. As … as similes (e.g. as heavy as lead, as strong as an ox) ...

Leon's List of English Similes - Leon's Planet


This is a pretty good list of common similes in the English language, including explicit (as...as) and implicit (like...) similes.

Simile: EnchantedLearning.com


A simile is a way of describing something by comparing it to something else, often using the word "like" or "as." For example, "He is as brave as a lion." The word ...

Striking Similes


... as from a swung censer; A lightning-phrase, as if shot from the quiver of infallible wisdom; A list of our unread books torments some of us like a list of murders ...

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Q: Is there a list of similes?
A: There is a good list of similes at http://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/figures-similes-list.htm. Read More »
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Q: What are the list of similes and metaphors?
A: Metaphors for what? Kindly give me the exact word. Read More »
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Q: A list of Similes and metaphors?
A: A simile is a literary tool or figure of speech used to make a comparison, often for symbolic purposes. A simile differs from a metaphor in that it uses the wor... Read More »
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Q: Can you give a list of similes?
A: As small as a mouse. Read More »
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Q: Can I get a list of similes?
A: As agile as a monkey. As alike as two peas in a pod. As bald as a baby's backside. As Read More »
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