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Oskar Schindler (28 April 1908 – 9 October 1974) was a German industrialist, spy , and member of the Nazi Party who is credited with saving the lives of 1,200 Jews ... Using names provided by Jewish Ghetto Police officer Marcel Goldberg,  ...


The Schindlerjuden, literally translated as "Schindler's Jews", were roughly 1,100 Jews who were saved ... List of Schindlerjuden[edit]. This is the list of Schindlerjuden (Schindler's Jews) who were transported to Schindler's factory in Brünnlitz.


Schindlers list, The story of Oscar Schindler. ... factory DEF, a close friend and perhaps the real brains behind the ultimate triumph: giving the Schindler-Jews a second chance at life. .... Anna Duklauer was also saved by Oscar Schindler.


In 2000, the original list of Jewish employees drawn up by Oskar Schindler to save them from the Nazis was discovered in a suitcase full of papers left to a ...


Today Oscar Schindler's name is known to millions as a household word for courage - a flawed hero who saved more than 1200 Jews from the Nazi death ...


The Oscar Schindler Story, Emilie, Survivors. ... The entire List ... She worked indefatigably to save the Schindler-Jews - a story to bear witness to goodness, love ...


This is the true story of one remarkable man who outwitted the Nazis to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other during World War II. Steven ...


Jan 14, 2013 ... Leon Leyson, the youngest Holocaust survivor on Schindler's list, dies at his ... and was the youngest of the 1,100 Jews the industrialist saved.


Apr 6, 2009 ... The closely typed, 13-page list was drawn up by a German industrialist, Oskar Schindler, who risked his life to save about 1,200 Jews from the ...


During World War II, Schindler rescued more than 1,000 Jews from deportation to ... permitted 450 Jews working in other nearby factories to live at Emalia as well, saving them ... These lists came to be known collectively as “Schindler's List.