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Top 25 Most Intelligent Animals On Earth - List25


Jun 3, 2013 ... A recent study showed that there are several animal species that may be as a human being. Here is a list of the 25 most intelligent animals on ...

Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals : Discovery News


Mar 25, 2015 ... There are some surprising entries on a new list of intelligent animals, including a small lizard and a furry animal that might be in your home ...

The 10 smartest animals - Technology & science ... - NBC News


Humans top the list of the most intelligent creatures But don't underestimate the other members of the animal kingdom. Scientists say the definition of animal vs.

What are the Smartest Animals? - National Wildlife Federation


Still, here are the 10 smartest, or most intelligent, animals according to one famous scientist, ... Here's another list of smart animals, based on recent research .

Sure, it is primarily about the perennial favorites like chimpanzees and dolphins and a bunch of other animals that do not make good pets. But mixed in there are a couple of animals there that often don't get much in the way of respect even though they are intelligent... More »

9 of the smartest animals on Earth | MNN - Mother Nature Network


Aug 6, 2015 ... Humans aren't the only intelligent creatures on Earth. As National Geographic points out, research proves that animals are much smarter than ...

Nature's 5 smartest animal species - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News


Most people might not know it but crows are legendary for their smarts. A 2004 study in the journal Science found that for their size, crows possess unusually big  ...

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9 in our list is the octopus, one of the smartest creatures in the sea. This animal is still poorly understood, but scientists are constantly discovering new and ...

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Apr 23, 2014 ... Primatologist Fras de Waal, of Emory University, crowned a young chimpanzee, named Ayumu, as number one on his list of "10 Animal Noble ...

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Aug 9, 2014 ... We humans don't always give animals their due. Sure we love our pets and enjoy the random sighting of a wild beast now and again, but most ...

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Q: Since primates are listed as the smartest animal does that includ...
A: Primate is an animal order which includes lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys, apes and human beings. Read More »
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Q: What is the top ten list of smartest animals?
A: 1. Humans 2. Chimps 3. Dolphins 4. Elephants 5. Cephalopods 6. Crows 7. Read More »
Source: www.chacha.com
Q: Which number is the domestic cat on the list of smartest animals?
A: Cats don't even make the top ten list of smartest Read More »
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Q: What is your list for the top 10 smartest animals?
A: 1. Human. 2. Chimpanzee. 3. Dolphin. 4. Orangutan. 5. Elephant. 6. Crow. 7. Pig. 8. Squirrel. 9. Pigeon. 10. Octopus. PS Dogs aren't all that smart and I defini... Read More »
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Q: What are some of the smartest animals?
A: cat,dog,tigers,elephants. Read More »
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