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The blood vessels are the part of the circulatory system that transports blood throughout the human body. There are three major types of blood vessels: the arteries, which carry the .... Disease[edit]. Main article: Vascular disease. Blood vessels play a huge role in virtually every medical condition. Cancer, for example , cannot ...


Aug 26, 2015 ... There are three types of blood vessel in the human body The circulatory ... we will look at each type of blood vessel and their different functions.


Explain the structure of arteries, veins, and capillaries and how blood flows ... Capillaries carry blood away from the body and exchange nutrients, waste, and ... The structure of the different types of blood vessels reflects their function or layers .


The circulatory system is a body-wide network of blood, blood vessels, and lymph . ... with oxygen, hormones and essential nutrients that helps it function properly. ... and processes nutrients, it creates carbon dioxide, which your lungs expel as ... There are three different types of circulation that occur regularly in the body:.


Sep 17, 2011 ... Three types of blood vessels comprise the circulatory system: arteries, ... Capillaries also have a role in regulating body temperature. ... flush is the result of your capillaries working to rid your body of excess heat. ... Keeping in mind that there is not high pressure to force venous blood flow toward the heart, ...


Structures and Functions of Blood Vessels including a summary of comparison ... diagrams); a table describing the structure and functions of blood vessels; and a table ... the structural differences between different types of blood vessels. ... lower pressure (than arteries); Have valves throughout the main veins of the body .


Systemic arteries provide blood rich in oxygen to the body's tissues. ... Different types of blood vessels vary slightly in their structures, but they share the same general features. .... If you are able to palpate some of the superficial veins on your upper limbs and try to move ..... This table describes the distribution of blood flow.


A tissue is a group of cells that have a similar shape and function. Different ... In humans, there are four basic types of tissue: epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue. ... The following tissues are found in the human body, ordinary loose ... Smooth muscle is found in the walls of internal organs and blood vessels .


This leaflet gives a brief overview of the heart and blood vessels and how they work. ... pass into the cells where they are used to perform the body's essential functions. ... There are five main types of blood vessels: arteries, arterioles, capillaries, ... If you exercise, your body tissues need more oxygen and will produce more ...