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Sep 10, 2012 ... Another video of my tiny gray tree frogs eating flightless fruit flies. I'm selling these little guys this week! :D.

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How much should I feed my frogs? What do I do if I can't find bugs small enough for my tiny frog? My frog won't eat! What do I do? Do frogs shed? How long will ...

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Tiny frogs, or baby frogs, generally eat small insects, including spiders, beetles, grasshoppers, flies and crickets. They also eat forest mites and very small ...

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The cute little frog you discovered in your neighborhood pet store could grow up to ... Some frogs will tend to estivate (hibernate) in the winter and will eat little or ...

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Baby frogs will eat any small insects, snails or even tadpoles. A baby frog has a varied diet and will eat any animal as long as it is small enough to...

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Frogs are one of a few types of animals that undergo the metamorphosis process, which in turn affects their dietary habits and needs. As baby frogs, tadpoles eat ...

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What do I feed frogs, toads, or small morphling froglets or tiny toads??? How much do I feed my frogs and how often do they eat? Where can I find insects for the ...

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That can make it difficult to feed them, though there are a number of insects that baby toads can eat. In order to decide what to feed your little pet, you should look  ...

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Pipid frogs are marine animals and they do not have tongue. They eat small prey by transporting food into the mouth with water currents which are produced by ...

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about 2 weeks ago i caught 2 baby frogs, 2 tadpoles, 4 small snails, and 5 small fish at a local pond. the tadpoles eat the green algae and the ...

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Q: What does a little frog eat?
A: well if you got him from outside i would let him go but if from a petstore just ask them most frogs eat bugs like crickets and earthworms try even fireflys and ... Read More »
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Q: What does a little frog eat?
A: If it's aquatic, they have aqautic frog food in the reptile section of Petco. If it's just a normal frog, I'd go with crickets, or if it's really tiny, fruit fl... Read More »
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Q: What do little baby frogs eat?
A: tadpoles will eat algae or dead skin off fallen members where when the grow tadpoles become more carnivores feeding on less algae and more bugs once they get th... Read More »
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Q: What do little creek frogs eat?
A: Creek frogs eat live insects and dead insects. They also feed on frog spiders, Read More »
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Q: What do those little green frogs eat?
A: They eat crickets and worms and other insects that are roaming about outdoors. These frogs should have all the food they need. If you want to increase the foods... Read More »
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