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Lost Tampon: Symptoms of a lost tampon and how to remove


What? A lost tampon. Hey, it happens. And, it is one of those topics that a woman might be embarrassed to call her doctor about, even if she knows she might ...

Retained object or tampon | Healthdirect


Sometimes an object (also known as a foreign body) can become stuck in the vagina or you may simply forget it is there. Common objects include tampons, ...

I'm Single Again, And I Found Out I Had A Tampon Stuck Up Me For ...


Mar 21, 2013 ... I wasn't going to write about this, but my favorite thing to say lately is, "Hey, would it cheer you up if I gave you the tampon stuck up my pussy for ...

What do I do if my tampon gets stuck? - U by Kotex


When inserting a tampon, I always make sure the string is hanging and not lodged in with the tampon. As I'm inserting a tampon, I hold onto the string with two ...

Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina? Get these smart tips on stuck ...


Tampon stuck inside the vagina is another interestings scenario. ... the regular sex was keeping it lodged up nice and high since my boyfriend is quite large.

Lost Tampon


Lost Tampon. Many women have inserted a new tampon, while forgetting to remove the old one. Others have genital intercourse with a tampon in. The vagina is ...

Lost tampon | Go Ask Alice!


Jul 31, 2015 ... The vagina is only about three to four inches deep, but even then, a tampon can get lodged near the top making it hard to reach. The good ...

The (Awesome) Lost Tampon Instructional Video from Doc Gurley ...


Oct 27, 2008 ... The video explains how to know if you've lost a tampon, where it might ... pee) and I am thinking that perhaps this tampon is lodged in a crevice.

Oh No, Where Did It Go? When Things Get “Lost” In the Vagina ...


May 21, 2012 ... As one MD stated in an article about unusual causes of vaginal discharge, “seek and you shall find” applies to retained tampons and other ...

Tampon left in for 3 weeks at Gynecological Problems Forum, topic ...


Just to be on the safe side I did some self-checking tonight & there WAS an absolutely disgusting tampon lodged way up there that turned out to be the source of ...

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Q: What to do after found lodged tampon?
A: How do you forget a tampon that long? okay okay, anyways. Drink water, be sure to wash well down there and have a shower. Be aware of the signs and symtoms of T... Read More »
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Q: Question regarding uteral infection caused by a lodged tampon?
A: it is humanly impossible for a piece of tamponto get lost,it cant possibly get into the uterus,as the cervix is closed,and the vagina is only 1to 2 inches long ... Read More »
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Q: Is it possible for a retained tampon to lodge in the uterus.
A: Hello,  . A retained tampon will not enter the uterus. It will remain in the vagina. And no it will not be mistaken for a fibroid.  . But a retained tampon can ... Read More »
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Q: Tampon might've gotten lodged far in me?
A: your vagina is only a couple inches deep when not sexually aroused. a tampon cannot get lost- it cannot go any further than the Cervix at the top of your vagina... Read More »
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Q: Can a tampon be lodged if you had sex and forgot to remove it?
A: My period seemed to be comming to an end and my boyfriend and I wanted to have sex, but i'd had some drinks and have no recollection of removing my tampon. We h... Read More »
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